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FEATURE: Passion in Poland

FEATURE: Passion in Poland

Drifted photographer Pawel Jermak pays a visit to the world-famous STW Drift Team to find out what goes on during season down time. More after the jump…

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FEATURE: Just A Clean Nissan S15…

Like a lot of older Japanese cars, the S15 never really seems to age. It’s a coupe that is still highly desirable and looks as good as the day it was launched. With a relatively short production lifespan of just 3 years from 1999-2002, and the fact it was never actually sold in the UK, it’s not surprising they are an uncommon sight on UK roads.

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FEATURE: Paul’s AE811 – Not all as it seems

I still remember Paul’s Levin staring back at me the when I looked through the eyepiece of my camera for the first time a couple of years back. As per usual in the New Zealand car scene, not all vehicles are as they seem; with an AE111 heart and AE86 driveline, this particular Levin was not your typical (excuse my pun) Black and White ’85.

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FEATURE: Ann-Mari and her S13.5

It’s late winter in Norway. The first track event is months away, but I want to take pictures now! I arranged to meet up with Ann-Mari and Morten in Trondheim, in hopes to find the city covered in snow… But when I arrived it was almost like summer, with blue skies and dry tarmac (except for the freezing temperatures of course).

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e30 m3

FEATURE: Stian’s E30 M3, “Blackbird”

I first met up with Stian on a rainy day at the Arctic Circle Raceway in Northern Norway, at a trackday event called “Sommertreff”. I fell in love immediately (with the car of course, not Stian!) and we quickly scheduled a shoot for later that night…

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FEATURE: Louis Lawrence: Prepared for War…

During a run of the mill ‘grassroots’ drift practice day at Teesside Autodrome a few months ago, I spotted a S14a which stood out from the crowd, a crowd which is usually filled with old BMWs and other beat up drift missiles that people tend to use while they find their drift legs…

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FEATURE: Drifthunter JZ46

When I first met Markus Müller, his E46 Sedan was still street legal and a long way from being a pro drift car. In 2011, when he got more and more in to competition drifting, and after winning the street legal IDS class 2011, he decided to install a JZ lump to replace the 3.0 litre engine his BMW came with. From there it didn’t take long to get to what you see here today.

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v8 e30

FEATURE: Progression: Darren Rickaby’s V8 E30

A Story of Progression: Darren Rickaby and his BMW E30 V8 – I’ve known Darren for a number of years now and I have watched him progress from a novice driver with not a lot of confidence to a well known competition driver in the UK drift scene.

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FEATURE: A Weekend With Ricky Emery

At the weekend we had heard Ricky ‘Top Gun/Superduperpro’ Emery was coming up to Teesside Autodrome for a winter skid session, so we contacted Ricky and used this opportunity to do a driver feature…

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FEATURE: The Garage Life FC RX-7

Drifting is a motorsport that comes with its ups and downs. After a full season of competing, a car will get its fair share of “battle scars”, some that add to the car aesthetically and some that do not…

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FEATURE: Purple People Eater: Hugo’s New Look

The Cody’s 2013/14 D1NZ National Drifting Championship kicks off this weekend at Hampton Downs Raceway, just south of Auckland, New Zealand. Over the five month off-season many drivers and teams have been busy making changes to their existing cars & setups, and also building completely new cars…

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FEATURE: Tony’s All So Original Racecar

Since day one, I have been a BIG fan of Tony’s 240sx. Its aggressive look continues to make it stand out from all the other 240s I’ve seen. With a HUGE Origin GT wing, custom front canards (made by Tony himself), and the huge rear diffuser which makes the car look almost illegal to drive on public roads, Tony’s ride has developed the…

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Winning Formula 240SX

FEATURE: Winning Formula 240SX

Fresh out of South Florida, our newest contributor Nelson Queralta Jr enters into the fray with this stunningly clean and well-built 240sx…

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FEATURE: Waagaard’s V8FD

This might be a familiar sight for many people. An LS2. Many of you might already be frowning upon this first picture. Maybe even more so, when you see that the engine is firmly planted within a 1993 Mazda RX7 FD. But you gotta admit [View]

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