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FEATURE: Climbing The Drift Ladder

With the British Drift Championship now being split into two groups, Pro and Pro-Am. Driftcup has become the series to replace the former Semi-Pro class, and replace… » Read more

FEATURE: I’m new around here…

As part of our ongoing quest to absolutely smash 2015 out of the park we’re expanding the Drifted media team and adding some fresh blood. This year… » Read more

FEATURE: Aatomotion and the making of #JUDGEMENTDAY

To celebrate the launch of the Extreme Drift Allstars end of year video we sat down with Aatomotion’s Vince Knight to chat about the in’s and out’s… » Read more

FEATURE: Reaching new lows – Alex Law’s S14

When it comes to ride height, lower is always better, right? Well, sort of. Lower almost always LOOKS better, yes – that statement carries true up until… » Read more

FEATURE: Style is everything

In the number of years that I’ve been following the Maxxis Tyres British Drift Championship I’ve seen the series go from strength to strength – in organisation,… » Read more

FEATURE: What We Do – BDC Knockhill Circuit, Scotland

Over the years I’ve been shooting drifting I’ve attended over 35 competition events and I’ve recently started to feel like a bit of a autonomous machine in… » Read more

FEATURE: We Need To Talk About The Future Of Drifting

If you’re reading this, then the motorsport from Japan has probably had at least some sort of impact on your life. As when it comes to drifting,… » Read more

FEATURE: Committed to Win

1. pledged or bound to a certain course or policy; dedicated. In competitive drifting there are no half-measures. Success favours the committed and failure awaits…
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FEATURE: ADGP 2013/14 Season Review

The 2013/14 season of the Australian Drifting Grand Prix (ADGP) started off with a huge bang, being held alongside the inaugural Formula Drift Australia. This was a… » Read more

FEATURE: DREAM.BUILD.DRIVE – The Story of Nigel Petrie’s Toyota Hilux

Some of you may be familiar with the name Nigel Petrie and Engineered to Slide. The drifting world has been abuzz with interest since he began sliding… » Read more

FEATURE: Kody’s Parking Lot Built 240SX

You know you’ve made it big when you see pictures of your car in tuner magazines and on globally recognised websites. It seems the media mostly captures… » Read more


Stepping up your game. It’s a common expression. In the world of competitive drifting, it not only refers to a marked improvement in driving skill, but also… » Read more

FEATURE: Passion in Poland

At the beginning of November following a four month trip to Cornwall, England, I returned back to my beautiful home country, Poland. It’s a place full of… » Read more

DRIFT CAR: Just A Clean Nissan S15…

Like a lot of older Japanese cars, the Nissan Silvia S15 never really seems to age. It’s a coupe that is still highly desirable and looks as… » Read more

FEATURE: Paul’s AE811 – Not all as it seems

I still remember Paul’s Levin staring back at me the when I looked through the eyepiece of my camera for the first time a couple of years… » Read more

FEATURE: Ann-Mari and her S13.5

Out on the town with Ann-Mari and her Nissan s13.5. It’s late winter in Norway. The first track event is months away, but I want to take… » Read more

FEATURE: Stian’s E30 M3, “Blackbird”

Flipping The Bird
When I see Stian Løvberg rolling around in his beautiful E30 M3 I just want to flip him the bird; the E30 M3 is…
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DRIFT CAR: Louis Lawrence: Prepared for War…

During a run of the mill ‘grassroots’ drift practice day at Teesside Autodrome a few months ago, I spotted a S14a which stood out from the crowd,… » Read more

DRIFT CAR: Progression – Darren Rickaby’s V8 E30

A Story of Progression: Darren Rickaby and his BMW E30 V8. I’ve known Darren for a number of years now and I have watched him progress from… » Read more

FEATURE: A Weekend With Ricky Emery

At the weekend we had heard Ricky ‘Top Gun/Superduperpro’ Emery was coming up to Teesside Autodrome for a winter skid session, so we contacted Ricky and used… » Read more

DRIFT CAR: The Garage Life FC RX-7

Drifting is a motorsport that comes with its ups and downs. After a full season of competing, a car will get its fair share of “battle scars”,… » Read more

FEATURE: Purple People Eater: Hugo’s New Look

The Cody’s 2013/14 D1NZ National Drifting Championship kicks off this weekend at Hampton Downs Raceway, just south of Auckland, New Zealand. Over the five month off-season many… » Read more

FEATURE: Tony’s All So Original Racecar

Since day one, I have been a BIG fan of Tony’s 240sx. Its aggressive look continues to make it stand out from all the other 240s I’ve… » Read more

FEATURE: Winning Formula 240SX

Hello everyone, my name is Nelson Queralta Jr, I’m an automotive and motor sports photographer based out of sunny South Florida. I’ve been covering drifting culture for… » Read more

FEATURE: Waagaard’s V8FD

This might be a familiar sight for many people. An LS2. Many of you might already be frowning upon this first picture.
Maybe even more so, when…
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