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EVENT: Extreme Drift Allstars 2015: The Estonian Drift GP R4

Laitse Rally Park, Estonia, has a lot to answer for. Last year’s Drift Allstars Estonian Drift GP at the very same circuit bore witness to one of… » Read more

EVENT: Extreme Drift Allstars 2015: The Latvian Drift GP R3

When I first visited Biķernieku Circuit in Riga last July I was absolutely blown away. From a photographer’s point of view, the circuit offers some of the… » Read more

EVENT: Extreme Drift Allstars 2015: The Swedish Drift GP R2

For many people, myself included, the Swedish Drift GP felt like the real start to the 2015 Extreme Drift Allstars season. Don’t get me wrong, the first… » Read more

EVENT: Drift Allstars 2015: The British Drift GP R1

Setting the bar high comes with its own inherent risks. You establish a level of expectation which you then have to live up to. You’re only as… » Read more

EVENT: 2014 Maxxis British Drift Championship Finals at Trac Mon, Anglesey

The final round of the 2014 Maxxis British Drift Championship season would take place at the picturesque Trac Mon circuit in Wales. Set on the west coast… » Read more

EVENT: Extreme Drift Allstars Lithuania: #JUDGEMENTDAY

Months of preparation and planning, countless hours spent spilling blood and sweat on workshop floors around Europe. This is what it all boils down to. This moment.… » Read more

FEATURE: Reaching new lows – Alex Law’s S14

When it comes to ride height, lower is always better, right? Well, sort of. Lower almost always LOOKS better, yes – that statement carries true up until… » Read more

EVENT: Extreme Drift Allstars Lithuania: Setting the stage

Six rounds, six countries, 140 drivers, 20 nations, one champion. The winner of the 2014 Extreme Drift Allstars European drift series would all come down to the… » Read more

NEWS: James Deane Takes 2014 EXTREME Drift Allstars Title

Falken Motorsports driver James Deane has won the Extreme Drift Allstars Lithuanian Drift GP, and with it, secures his place as the 2014 Extreme Drift Allstars champion!… » Read more

EVENT: Extreme Drift Allstars Europe – Latvian Drift GP

Following the madness that I witnessed on day one of the Extreme Drift Allstars Latvian Drift GP in Riga, and the crazy late night street parade the… » Read more

EVENT: Extreme Drift Allstars Riga Preview – We Run These Streets

Some 650,000 people call Riga, Latvia’s capital and largest city, home. Full of rich and diverse architecture, Riga also nestles a hidden gem within the city limits…… » Read more

FEATURE: Style is everything

In the number of years that I’ve been following the Maxxis Tyres British Drift Championship I’ve seen the series go from strength to strength – in organisation,… » Read more

FEATURE: What We Do – BDC Knockhill Circuit, Scotland

Over the years I’ve been shooting drifting I’ve attended over 35 competition events and I’ve recently started to feel like a bit of a autonomous machine in… » Read more

FEATURE: Committed to Win

1. pledged or bound to a certain course or policy; dedicated. In competitive drifting there are no half-measures. Success favours the committed and failure awaits…
» Read more

EVENT: Maxxis British Drift Championship 2014: Round One

It’s felt like a long time coming, but finally a fog of tyre smoke fills the air above Lydden Hill Circuit in Kent once more. The off… » Read more


Stepping up your game. It’s a common expression. In the world of competitive drifting, it not only refers to a marked improvement in driving skill, but also… » Read more

NEWS: Introducing DriftCup

The team behind the hugely successful British Drift Championship are well-known for their hard work and skill at pulling off incredible events. In fact, you’d forgive them… » Read more

DESKTOP: Team Japspeed 1.5JZ S15

I recently got to photograph the awesome Team Japspeed 1.5JZ S15 for an article in Digital SLR Photography magazine in the UK. To celebrate, I’ve got some… » Read more

Top 5 Drifting Videos: October

October played host to the final rounds of two of the big international series, as well as the annual All Star Bash at Willow Springs, so we’ve… » Read more

EVENT: King of the Hill: 2013 Maxxis British Drift Championship Round Five: Knockhill, Scotland

The final round of the 2013 Maxxis British Drift Championship saw the BDC roadshow heading north (really far north) to Knockhill Circuit in Fife, Scotland. The BDC… » Read more

EVENT: Smoke Screen: 2013 Maxxis British Drift Championship Round Four: Lydden Hill

The fourth round of the 2013 Maxxis British Drift Championship saw a return to Lydden Hill Race Circuit in Kent. Although a hugely popular circuit with the… » Read more

EVENT: 2013 Maxxis British Drift Championship Team Triple Event

As a continuation from the weekend of the Maxxis British Drift Championship round 3, we have the team event. This annual event is all about the fun,… » Read more

EVENT: The Scorcher: 2013 Maxxis British Drift Championship Round Three

As we enter the British summer, round 3 of the British Drift Championship is upon us. Usually our summers are brutal, wet and unforgiving, but we lucked… » Read more

EVENT: All Change: 2013 Maxxis British Drift Championship Round Two: Pembrey Circuit

Change is good. Life would become boring without it, right? New scenarios, situations and eventualities keep us on our toes, in everything we do. Without change, it’s… » Read more


I’m sure it’s the same no matter which country you call home. A full season’s competitive drifting takes its toll on a car. Unless you’re pretty well… » Read more

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