COMPETITION: Team Redmist Design Competition Entries

Posted by Jordan Butters on 25th May in News.

Our Team Redmist design competition went down a storm with lots of pretty amazing entries! The team will be picking the winners after the weekend but in the meantime take a look through the entries and tell us which is your favourite?

1. Al Hughes

2.Alfredo Sauce Melendez

3. André Bernardo

4. Daniel Golban

5. Daniel Soares

6. Diogo Kaira Ventura

7. Diogo Kaira Ventura

8. Dwight Bynum Jr.

9. Elisio Costa

10. Fernando Figueirdo

11. Freddy Robert

12. Frederico Franco

13. Gonçalo Januário

14. James Flanagan

15. Jamie Drivelikehestoleit Nicol

16. Jonny Fraga

17. Joris Lefevre

18. Leigh Hopewell

19. Luis Gardete

20. Lukas Simonavičius

21. Pedro Pherreira

22. Pedro Pherreira

23. Pedro Pherreira

24. Phil Tickner

25. Renato Camilo

26. Ross Delaney

27. Rui Rodrigues

28. Ryan Richardson

29. Sergio Mendoza

30. Steve Butterz Butterworth

31. Tiago Lopes

32. Tom Downey

33. João Conceição

34. Michael Luloff

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  • ben

    are my favourites! 🙂

  • Ross

    Winner – tom downey…..kind of predictable….

  • Dai fk

    No 1 Al Hughes very very nice some others are nice but this is pick of the bunch by far for me!! Good work No 1

  • Gonçalo

    33. João Conceição (i love that)
    3. André Bernardo (simple but really cool)
    12. Frederico Franco (drift look is awesome)

  • Bruno Martins

    Para mim


    Destes qualquer um destes com muita qualidade e com boa imagem para o Drift:)

  • André Bernardo

    1º Gonçalo Januário
    2º Frederico Franco
    3º Daniel Golban
    4º Renato Camilo

    ….etc etc

  • Miguel Valério

    18. Leigh Hopewell

  • Hampus Lindblom

    I think number 18. Leigh Hopewell’s rendering was awsome! But you shuld have the red color on all of the rims!

  • Chase Warner

    I like number 18 and 32. I think those would turn out the best in real life.

  • Huzey

    1. Al Hughes – love that!

  • Hutch

    1. Al Hughes- awesome design!

  • Gotta be #1 Al Hughes.

  • Stafford Biscoe

    Al Huges winner hands down.

  • Natalia Richards

    1. Al Hughes by far the best

  • Richard conrad

    Hi. If its in vote. i line the joao conceicao really nice but too toon and childish for me and i think for a drift team is more about agressive and powerful anyway great job there .
    But for me the best is 12 frederico franco more creative and right i say above the agressive. the guy have to be insane to remember this.

    about other entrys i like others But the almost all go to black and red… over used to me. cheers drifted and redmist.

  • Sofia

    34 & 12 are the best,
    34 cause of the colors
    12 cause have a great pattern. Love it.

  • Marco

    Nice ones here.
    My fave are 11 and 13.

  • nice comp. here my god the frederic zebra on drift will be so wild! like the leigh proj too!
    keep the good job i love the

  • Bartas Stupuras

    9. Elisio Costa
    8. Dwight Bynum Jr.

    Looks the best imo. Too sad I saw the news about that too late… -__-

  • Deivid

    13. Gonçalo Januário and 8. Dwight Bynum Jr.

  • josh m



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