NEWS: Japspeed Subaru Impreza STOLEN *UPDATE – BBC Coverage*

Posted by Jordan Butters on 11th June in Jordan Butters.

Japspeed MAXXIS Subaru

The Team Japspeed 1JZ Subaru Impreza was today stolen from the Performance Vauxhall Show at Santa Pod. Anyone with information please contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


The car was spotted at 7:45pm Saturday 11th June heading South on the M25 near Heathrow.


BBC News have aired the Youtube footage of the car this evening. Please continue to share the information on the social networks, the more people that know, the higher the chance of it being found!

Baggsy in Japspeed Subaru

Written by Jordan ButtersJordan Butters

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  • chris

    where was it found, keep me posted

  • Matty

    Can you really be that stupid to drive a stolen well known drift car down the motor way? seriously. glad they got it back and hope the thief gets a decent look at a brick wall and a hard bed for a decent amount of time

  • pugboi

    meant didn’t do too much i hope soz

  • pugboi

    I’m glad the car has been found before the scum bags did too much to it. i think the prats name should be published along with a nice pic and then he should at least be banned from all future car events cus all he has done is ruin people’s day. especially Japspeed’s. assholes. if not jail there should be some sort of punishment as i’ve already mentionned. anyway Japspeed glad to hear you the beast back can’t wait to hopefully see you at the BDC. good luck boys

  • CRST


  • dannyboy

    great news guys the car has been found 🙂

  • dannyboy

    hope its found guys feel sorry for the guy filiming thow if only he had known bet he feels sick now poor guy

  • Retro racer

    The biggest pisstake is if the the thieving C**TS actually get caught then they wont get anything for it.. maybe loose their license (If they actually had one in the first place) or a short time inside…. At the end of the day alot of passion and care gets put in to these cars, and these events are put on for people to go share the passion! Thieves are the last type of people we want at these events, If you wanna nick a car that badly go play gta!!

  • Ngacarmn

    I feel bad but LOL, the whole situation is insane

  • Damn, it’s one thing to hear and read about this. But to see footage of it with the thief all in action is kinda crazy


    TRACKER ????

  • george

    some one deserves a sacking for this! those parts will be floating around ebay with in a month… hope i get a good deal

  • podgehog

    can’t believe this! talking to the maxxis guys, they didn’t even know it had been stolen when this footage was taken!!

  • Bing

    They could tell they were being recorded because as soon as the person recording got close they sped up to avoid getting a close up shot.

  • Crazy!

  • Jamie

    Thats what happens when you take a Scooby to a Vauxhall show. Lol. Sorry to hear that though and i will help out by posting a link on the sites i know. Good luck and hope you have it back soon.


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