PHOTOGRAPHY: What It Is All About

Posted by Daniel Hovdahl on 7th October in Daniel Hovdahl.

There’s an indescribable feeling to capture a single moment, a moment there for a split second and a split second only. It is what it is all about…

… The hours are long.

You are exposed to the elements.

Photographers take risks, some small and some great to get the ultimate shot. And it is that shot we all strive to get, and once in a while, you get it. That is what it is all about.

Photography is like drifting. On the track, it’s a dog eat dog world. The best one gets the trophy. But off the track we are all buddies, all willing to lend a hand and share our knowledges to push the limits a little further…

… That is what it is all about, pushing your limits: To go that one extra inch further. Last but not least, it is all about having fun while doing it!

Standing 10 feet from cars racing past you, sideways, backfiring, with pieces of rubber, dirt, dust, gravel and various bits of fiberglass spraying in your direction might not be to everyones taste…

… But to a motor-head, it can be described as sheer bliss.

It isn’t all about lot’s of smoke, action and breakneck risks, it’s also about capturing those moments inbetween.

The people behind the cars are just as important as the car themselves.

Although it’s still the action that tickles our fancy.

The community of drifting is growing by each year. I believe it is here to stay and I am glad to be a part of it.

Where will it all end? I don’t know personally, but I am eager to find out during my brief lifetime here on this planet!

Pictures are from the 5th and last round of Powerdrift hosted by Japan Auto.






Written by Daniel HovdahlDaniel Hovdahl

Howdy there folks! 22 year old from Norway making films and having a good time for a living

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  • Ringnes

    WOW!!! Awsome picture here Daniel! I love them.

  • Inspiring words, I just got amped from reading that!

  • Karel C.

    Very true, great description, and superb images!

  • Excellent Daniel! These kinds of posts keep me back to this website weekly. Cheers.

  • For me photography is like show the world behind my perspective.


  • Joacim

    Nice work Daniel :)Loving “Aarumen”‘s dirt drop! 🙂

  • Perfect Dan, never though about the photography side like that before… you even get the different signature styles and everything…

    Awesome post Mr. H! Awesome!

  • Will: It’s an Opel Omega, if I’m not mistaken, with an LS1 under the bonnet.

    Ian: Thanks mate! Exactly what I was trying to portray with this post.

  • Ian Gratton

    So nicely put man.

    we get dirty, wet, travel great distances, spend hours and hours behind the camera and the computer…

    The end result….a fraction of a second of history captured in a blur of colour.

  • Will

    whats the car in that first picture


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