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Posted by Santi Gomez on 26th August in Santiago Gomez.

HSD Sponsored S13 Drifting

Sup everyone, My name’s Santiago, yet another new face to the crew. I was contacted by Quail to see if I would be interested in joining and I didn’t hesitate to give him an answer. YES! (Thanks dude!)

I reside in Toronto, Ontario. I currently drive a 1993 Silvia that I purchased not too long ago, it’s still stock, waiting on coilovers and few other goodies so I can start getting out there and drifting myself. Nothing serious, just for fun.

I have been shooting for a couple of years. I’ve shot at a couple of DMCC events, but where I’ve gotten the most practice and shooting time is at trackdays held by locals from the Toronto area. I still consider myself a photography newb though, I’ve got a lot to learn still. Don’t be afraid to comment and critique on the shots, only good things can come from it!

SG Motorsport S14 Drifting

I’ll post a quick recap of one of the trackdays that happened recently at Shannonville Motorsport Park here in Ontario. It’s mostly a lot of amateurs and new comers that come out to have fun and get their skills up, but every once in a while a few DMCC pros stop by to practice and put n a good show.

s13 drifting

Marin is one of the new comers, however his driving is right up there with the more experienced drivers. It’s awesome seeing him throw his car around, no straight line stops him from drifting. Manji all day, he makes it look easy.

s13 drifting

Harmit is more of a grip guy, but you can tell he’s not afraid of getting sideways. His car came a long way from SOHC to a mild SR20det build and dialed in suspension.

R32 Drifting

Mark Takahashi is no stranger to drifting or dope fitment. He’s the head of the Union Auto Club. These guys bring style and aggressive driving to the track all the time.

180sx drifting

Mike Martino in his 180sx. This dude provides Vinyl and Designs for a bunch of the Ontario car/drifting scene. A very focused drifter as you can see… haha. Check him out @

AE86 Drifting

If you follow DMCC then you probably know who this is. Pat Cyr in his F20 powered 86. Pat and the Drift Posse never dissapoint when it comes to drifting, and entertaining. His brother Dan Cyr from Cyrious Productions is always there to capture the moment too.

Ae86 drift car

Drift Posse cars driven by Brad Carlton (S13) and Pat Cyr (86) chilling in the pits.

Toyota Chaser Drift car

Mats Baribeau in his Toyota Chaser. Effortless tire spin. Smoke machine.

S13 drift car

Hay bales don’t stop these guys from going all out. This guy was still going hard after locking up and hitting a stack of hay bales near the pit entry wall.

The rest of the set can be seen on my flickr. I also keep a personal blog where you can see updates on my car, and also random photography and things I enjoy.

That’s all I have for now, I’ll make sure to bring you guys the best of Ontario grassroots drivers, and local trackday coverage. I’ll also be doing driver and car features. Stocked to be able to share content with you guys, and also to be a part of the crew. Much appreciated!

– Santi

Written by Santi Gomez


  • Santi! big tings son!

  • Santi Gomez

    Thanks for the welcome guys!

    I’ll definitely remember to use shutter priority more often. I actually use it a lot, but this day I was using a rented 135L, and I was abusing the crap out of the awesome bokeh it makes. haha.

  • Ahh see I’m of the school that not all drift/motorsport shots have to be at slow shutters.

    I think frozen shots work well too, especially if you capture that sudden moment like an impact, wheel lifting off the ground or some driver interaction.

    Welcome to Drifted Santi!

  • Hollllyyy, some hella poke on the front of that chaser! Great write-up and solid pics!

  • Michael

    What the others said about shooting at shutter priority. Although you can get away with aperture priority if you cant see the wheels, as this is where most of the motion will be.

  • Philip Mann

    I love the 4dr R32, i want one.

    Another tip for the camera, change from shooting in AV to TV. And then send me you 135mm F2 as payment for the help 😉

  • Cool, nice pictures!

    Your silvia is cleann!

  • Zooopreme

    Congrats Santi! Saw this on twitter and said, oh man, Santi! You deserve that spot!

  • Welcome aboard Santi! 😀 Always nice to see some new faces and talent. Great recap as well!

    If I can give you 1 small tips though, try and shoot with a little slower shutter (1/100-1/150 is a good place to start), that way you get more speed and a sense of action in the images!

    Keep up the good work, looking forward to seeing what you capture next! =D


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