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VIDEO: The Art & Soul of BDC

Posted by Stephen Brooks on 8th November 2010 in Stephen Brooks

This is my last film covering the British Drift Championship , shot throughout the 2010 season I hope it portrays just how special this series is.¬† Jump for more info….

I’d like to say thanks to Paul McCallum and Mark Buckle for allowing me to shoot the championship over the past couple of years and giving me complete creative freedom to do what I wanted. I’d also like to say a massive¬†thank you to all the drivers / crew / and supporters .. you make it what it is.


Intro – Al Pacino speech : ‘Any Given Sunday’
Music – Peace : Paul Kelly & Fix You : Coldplay

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Written by Stephen Brooks


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  • Joacim says:

    I cant find the words to describe what I feel when i watch this.. !! its just amazing!!

  • Ian Gratton says:

    Just amazing…that is all.

  • Daniel Hovdahl says:

    Best one you’ve ever made, Brooksie… I have yet to attend a BDC event, but I feel that summed it all up. Now it’s like I’ve been there and it was awesome!

  • Cole Chalmers says:

    I’ve watched a lot of videos, from all like of extreme sports. Some of them you get a real feel of how much fun they’re having, some wow you with their epic cinematography, others with their jaw dropping skills, some get you pumped to get out there and get behind the wheel or on the bike/board etc… This just summed up all of that, and a mix of other emotions… Straight up, just full-on inspiring. I was getting chills watching it because it was so unreal. I’m sure you’ll kill it in whatever you decide to film next, but damn, now somebody is going to have to step it up big time to fill your shoes!! Hope you change your mind by next year! :)

  • Karel C. says:

    Ah!! the film maker. Incredible. Love the tones, beautiful editing, and some amazing captures in there!


  • David Hintze says:

    Simply an amazing piece of work. It’s more than a drift video, its a piece of art and has a great feel to it.

  • BMA PARTS says:

    Awesome video! Enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Leeps says:

    Damn, I just got all emotional. I love what you guys do, please keep doing it.

    Fucking awesome.

  • Will Epps says:


  • Joe says:


  • Adam says:


  • Dandan says:

    Goosebumps. All over. Awesome piece of work!

  • Jacob says:

    this is probley one of the most epic videos i have ever watched it is very inspiring

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