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Posted by James Simpson on 10th April 2010

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or my first contribution to Drifted.com, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself… I'm James Simpson, I live in the UK and for the past few years have been pretty obsessed with all things Drift-related! I started taking photos a little over a year ago after buying myself a simple but effective Digital SLR camera and deciding I wanted to photograph as many drift events as possible in an effort to learn more about photography and continue to learn about drifting. 2009 allowed me to cover a great range of events that ranged from grassroots all the way to the top level in the UK.

S14 at Santa Pod DWYB

In 2009 I attended every DriftWhatYaBrung day that I could at Santa Pod in Northamptonshire, England. I love being able to get so close to such a wide range of cars from the ubiquitous S13/S14(a) Nissan 200SX through a good range of BMWs to top level competition cars such as the world-famous Driftworks S15.

3 Series BMW Drifting

As 2009 progressed I started to become a little more confident in my photography skills and decided to cover more competitive drifting as well as the grassroots stuff that I had grown to love. I covered a few rounds of the European Drift Championship and was blown away by the quality of driving and machinery on show.

Green FC RX7 At Silverstone EDC 20092010 Promises to be an amazing year for UK drifting with numbers of competitors at record levels and the British Drift Championship and JDM Allstars Series likely to be the most enthralling to date. This year the EDC has changed format to an invite only series, so it seems that the UK drift fan will have plenty of options that should allow them to take their pick of drivers and championships to follow this year!

I'll be providing coverage from BDC and JDM Allstars this year and hopefully a bunch of DWYB/grassroots drift events as well.

Dragon Performance FD3S RX7 at EDC Rd 5 2009

For me personally, 2010 seems like it should be an awesome year! I just started working at Driftworks and have just switched cars so hopefully will have a new project on the go shortly. I'll end this post with a few shots of the Driftworks cars taken last year, there's a load more to come from these cars this year!

Driftworks S15 Tyre ChangeDriftworks R32 Skyline at EDC Rd5 2009

essays writing

Take a look at my Flickr account here


Written by James Simpson


  • Nice post James, really looking forward to your DWYB shots this year!


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