5 Essential Tools You Need for High Performance Car Work

Paul Hadley
04/29/201929th April, 2019
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Do you currently own a high-performance vehicle? Or are you thinking of purchasing one to get you on the race track? Either way, you’ll probably need to do work on the chassis and under the bonnet at some point. Here, we look at the 10 essential tools you’ll need to get to work on your car.

  • Floor Jack

A floor jack is important for anyone doing repair work on a vehicle. It allows you to lift up part of the car so you can get to work underneath. Don’t forget that jacks have a weight limit - so make sure you choose one that can hold the weight of your car. The Powerzone 380044 aluminium and steel jack is one of the best on the market, offering both power and performance.

  • Torque Wrench

A torque wrench is essential when it comes to bolting. It’s a precision tool that measures the force you apply when tightening a bolt – stopping you from over or under tightening. Not only will the accuracy of your work be much better, it’s also quicker than working with a traditional wrench, so you’ll save time too! Take a look at RS Components range of torque wrenches that are both durable and efficient.

  • Ratchet Extender

Working under the bonnet can be a tricky and fiddly task. Often, it can be difficult to get your socket into hard to reach places. That’s where a ratchet extender comes in handy - on one end, you attach your socket and the other end, you attach your ratchet. You can then loosen or tighten bolts that seem inaccessible!  

  • Nut Splitter

So, you can now get to those hard to reach nuts and bolts, but what about ones that are a complete no-go? You’ll need to remove them without damaging the piece it’s attached to. A nut splitter is the best tool for the job, as it forces the chisel into the nut’s flat to break it apart. You’ll then be able to remove and replace it.

  • Adjustable Spanners

You’ll find yourself grabbing for these regularly, so it’s worth investing in a good quality set. Opt for those with adjustable jaws to you can set them to different sizes, depending on the work you’re doing. Use the open end for bolts and the closed end in tight spaces.

Once you’ve got your essential tools sorted, you can have fun getting your car ready for the track!

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