6 Simple Facts To Know About Insuring Your Modified Car

06/24/201924th June, 2019
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As a drifting enthusiast, you are probably open to making alterations to your vehicle on a regular basis. However, if you are new to the game it can seem like a minefield when searching for good insurance.

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When you’re looking to modify your car, you need to consider the type of changes you are going to make and match the car insurance to suit your needs.

There are so many advantages to modifying your car; putting your own unique twist on a vehicle is something we should all feel confident in doing.

Change certain features and design elements to suit your needs and preferences and you will end up with a car that was made for you. If you’re not sure where to start when insuring your modified car, here are six simple things you need to know.

1.Your Insurance May Change

Drivers and drifters who are new to the modification game are often unsure how to approach car insurance for their enhanced vehicle.

You need to look for insurance companies who are flexible and open minded to covering you. In truth, insurers are much more welcoming to vehicle owners who are passionate about their work.

As long as you keep track of each modification, you will be able to show them proof of the changes. Make sure you have a clear idea of how the alterations can affect your car’s performance.

For example, wider wheels may have a negative impact on the car’s handling.

  1. There are Many Types of Modification

Take into account the type of modification you might be interested in. You might be interested in changing mechanical aspects of the car such as the engine. Similarly, you might only be interested in a small change to the interior audio system.

  1. It Can Get Expensive

You will need to choose your insurance provider carefully, as there will be fewer that are open to covering you. This could lead to a higher cost so it is definitely worth comparing and contrasting a whole host of deals online.

  1. Temporary Modifications Still Count

You might only be considering a makeshift modification to your car, such as a roof rack for a vacation. Even this type of change needs to be declared to your insurer, otherwise your current policy may be null and void.

  1. There Are Risks to Consider

You shouldn’t dive headfirst into modifying your car without thinking about the potential risks. There are a greater number of insurance claims with altered vehicles, as theft rates a much higher. Accidents are also slightly more likely, but insurers are mainly bothered about the high risk of the car being stolen when it has been modified.

  1. You Shouldn’t Wait

Don’t wait until you have altered the car before you alert your insurance company. Act now and you can be sure your cover is completely valid before you get out and about on the road again.

All in all, you need to make sure that your non-standard vehicle is completely covered by a reputable insurer. Do plenty of research and find a provider that understands the unique modifications of your car.

As long as your insurance policy is tailored to suit your individual needs, you can drive confidently and know that you are completely covered for all eventualities.

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