All You Need To Know About Car Power Inverters

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10/24/201824th October, 2018
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There are two basic categories of power - AC power and DC power. AC power is what individuals have at the home whereas DC power comes out of batteries. Car batteries provide us DC voltage this is why most consumer electronics that operates on AC power cannot work in cars. This is where a car power inverter comes into play.

Inverters are technical in nature that operates in a complex manner. Most people don’t know much about it. Nevertheless, here are few things that one must know when purchasing a car power inverter.

How do they work?

The way this device functions is that it utilizes a DC power source to imitate an AC power source. The polarity of DC power source is switched which further creates a square wave. True sine wave is something that is required by most of the consumer electronics. There are additional components features in most of the inverters which then create pure or modified sine wave.

Who needs it?

Inverter is for someone who spends a lot of time on the road. These are basically useful for those who love long trips, travel, camping and activities like that. Devices that require AC inputs must rely on car power inverters. Devices such as DVD players, televisions, gaming consoles, power tools, cooking equipment and catalytic heaters can work on power inverters. You can read a knockout post in order to get idea about the best power inverters in the market.

Different types

Power inverters come in different types. However, there are two basic categories in which power inverters are classified. Those are as follows:

  • Modified sine wave inverter: these inverters are relatively more affordable. It generates a modified sine wave which is ideal for computer electronics. This means they will operate perfectly with a number of other applications as well.
  • Pure sine wave: these are the more expensive ones. These are much closer to the AC power we get at home. There are some devices that would only work on pure sine wave. This is why it is important to check the manufacturer’s description.

Additional factors

Trucks are cars are not normally designed keeping power inverters in mind. This is why it is critically important to take into account the battery’s capacity. The battery will be rapidly depleted if the inverter is used when the vehicle is not running. Some vehicles will feature extra space to install an additional battery.

The bottom line

It goes without saying that inverter’s are of immense use to those who loves outdoor travelling. It enables to use consumer electronics that would not be otherwise used. It is beneficial to have access to a car power inverter to carry out more functions.

Nevertheless, it is important to know about the inverter before purchasing one. There are many considerations to make before making your purchase. Above are some vital things to know in order to make your purchase accordingly and in the right manner.

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