Amazing Giti Angels at 24 Hour Nurburgring Race

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08/02/20192nd August, 2019
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The Nurburgring is well known for it’s ever changing weather conditions and challenging track. It was established in Germany in the 1920’s.

Also known as, Green Hell, this race track challenges drivers as it takes them along one of the world’s most difficult tracks. It is the longest track in the world.

This race is one of the toughest and most famous 24 hour races in the world. It is attended by over 230, 000 spectators each year.

This year, Giti Tire wanted to truly test their female empowerment campaign. They put together an all-female team to take part in the Nurburgring 24 hour race.

This team wasn’t only special for it’s three female drivers, but also because the entire technical and track crew were also female.

Giti Angels

Giti Tire unveiled their female empowerment campaign in 2018. This campaign wanted to reach all the female drivers out there that are in a male dominant world.

Giti is devoted to making strides in 2019, they will have four vehicles in the 24 hour race and the first ever in Nurburgring history, an all-female team.

This is a significant stride for women in this industry. Never before in the race’s history has a female driver been admitted, let alone an all-female team.

Twenty girls make up this team. There are drivers, mechanics, technical crew, and a track crew. Each female working together to conquer this male driven motorsport.

What Makes These Angels Stand out

The Giti Angels are an all-female team comprised of expert drivers, mechanics, and tech support. These women are at the top of their game.

They are based in Germany and are part of the WS Racing team and sponsored by Giti Tire. They are leading the way for women in the racing world.

The three drivers split the race time so that each one had an equal amount of time on the track. This was especially helpful racing on such a grueling track like Nurburgring.

The Angel’s team manager and team chief both spoke highly of the team after the race. This race wasn’t about getting the best time or finishing in first. Not really, anyway. The girls wanted to prove that they are a real competitive team. And they did just that.

The Race

After making it through the qualifying rounds. The girls were not expecting to have things so easy.

Starting out the race strong, the girls kept in first place for much of the beginning of the race. It wasn’t until mid-day of the race that things started to take a turn.

A wreck from another car had left flying debris in the aftermath, some of which ended up hitting the VW Golf radiator. This essentially caused the car to smoke and the driver had to make a stop.

The girls were concerned but got to work right away diagnosing and fixing the issues. Most other teams would have pulled their car from the race. But not Giti Angels.

The all-female team worked for over 13 hours replacing parts and getting the engine back to optimal running order.

In the end, the girls’ hard work and dedication to not give up, landed them in second place. This was not an easy task after being in first most of the race.

They were eventually overtaken, even after, recording one of the fastest laps in their class. They ended the 24 hour race though with much perseverance and in all beat out 80 other cars while doing so.

Why is an All-Female Team Important

It is no secret that motorsports is primarily dominated by males. In 2018, Giti worked hard to change that.

The demographic needs to be broader. As a sport, it needs to appeal to all genders. To make it really reach its full potential it needs to be all-inclusive.

Men are seen as stronger and more physically agile than women. But motosports is one place where that really doesn’t matter.

Motorsports are about your machine, your machine’s abilities, and lastly your ability as a driver. In this sport, you don’t necessarily need to be the strongest or fittest to win.

Why Giti Formed the Angels

Giti was convinced of this. They wanted to include all drivers. They wanted to give a chance to women in the world of motorsports.

Very few times in history have women been on the forefront of leading in a sports team. Especially, a male dominant sports such as racing.

Giti wanted to flip the script with the Angels and show women around the world that they care about their unique strengths and talents.

What better time to debut such a unique team then at the 24 hour race. The girls came up with a slogan for the race. Girls only, ready to rock the Green Hell. That is exactly what they did.

Giti Angels is a true example of women coming forward in an unfamiliar place and testing themselves. They pushed their team at the mid-day mark when their VW Golf had engine trouble.

They knew they didn’t want to give up. This was a monumental moment in racing history. No amount of struggle or hardship was going to make them quit.

They had already come out strong during the qualifying rounds. The excitement surrounding having an all-female team on the track was contagious. They couldn’t end the day without finishing.

The Giti Angels worked for over 13 hours, this is a testament to their devotion to the sport and to one another. This all-female race team is what girl power is about.

The Conclusion and The Future

At the end of the 24 hour Nurburgring race, the Giti Angels came out in second place. They beat over 80 other teams, showing that perseverance is so important.

When faced with the challenge of a broken engine, the girls really came together to conquer. They knew before even beginning the race that quitting was not an option for them.

Looking forward, the Giti Angels are striving to continue their positive teamwork and exceptional talents to entering more races. They want to prove to motorsports as a whole that women are capable of being true competitors in this sport.

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