Auto Accidents? Here’s Why You Should Immediately Call A Lawyer

Paul Hadley
11/05/20195th November, 2019
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Being in a car accident requires a lot of things. First, you need to keep yourself safe. Then, call a loved one to come to rescue you if you need moral support. However, you may forget that calling a personal injury lawyer is also necessary.

Especially when you’re in shock, a personal injury lawyer will help you with the following:

  1. Make The Best Decisions

If you can’t think straight during an auto accident, especially if it causes serious injuries, a good auto accident lawyer will help regain your wits, or they may even make decisions on your behalf.

They’ll help you make the best decisions for the following instances:

  • Seek Medical Documentation – you may seem unhurt and decide not to seek out medical attention, but an attorney will encourage you to still undergo medical treatment or check-ups. Or, if you’re alone and seeking medical care, you might not know the significance of a medical certificate and other documents. Thus, your lawyer can request your attending physician to clearly indicate the injuries and cause of such in the papers as these are vital for insurance claims.
  • Assist You During Investigation – whether you like it or not, you’ll have to talk to a police officer after a car accident. They’ll document and record the events of the accident. A lawyer can check the police report if it’s accurate. If not, then your lawyer will be the one to talk and clarify to the police.
  • Call Your Family – on your behalf, your lawyer can call your relative if you haven’t called them yet. This way, you can rest well as they can assist you in reaching out to your loved ones.

  1. Make A Strong Case

In serious car accidents, a lawsuit may ensue. Whatever side you may be, a lawyer can help build your case stronger.

Because they’re well-versed with car accident cases and the laws governing it, they’ll use the most relevant laws for your case.

So, calling a lawyer can help with your case as they’ll do the following after the accident:

  • Investigate – car accidents are best investigated immediately right after the accident. It’s easier to reconstruct what happened on the scene. Thus, your lawyer can easily identify who’s at fault or what causes such an accident.

In a crime scene investigation, one of the best ways to know what happened is to visit the scene.

  • Collect Evidence – aside from incident reconstruction, your attorney can outright gather evidence at the scene. The pieces of evidence are essential to prove your case in court. The lawyer can take photographs or videos of the scene, create a sketch, or get witness statements because your lawyer can see the people, who may have seen what happened before and during the car accident.

Getting their testimonies right after the moment is better since they can give factual and unblemished statements regarding the accident.

  • Accident Reports – as mentioned, the presence of a lawyer on the scene will validate the accuracy of the police report. Moreover, your lawyer can obtain the report as soon as it’s done to ensure that it’ll not be fabricated after it’s done.
  1. Deal With Insurance Adjusters

Dealing with insurance adjusters are even harder with your injuries and all. You may not handle them well, so you may end up settling with them at the lowest possible claim they can give. Or, if you can’t negotiate with them, you might not get a claim at all.

With the help of a lawyer, you don’t have to worry about insurance adjusters. Your lawyer will handle the insurance companies and help you with the following:

  • Handle all the necessary documentation required to get your claim whether for your injuries or car insurance. Aside from using documents in a lawsuit, your lawyer knows the necessary documents and records when filing for your insurance claims.
  • Determine the right compensation for your injuries. It’ll include benefits for your pain and suffering, lost income and future lost wages, past and future medical bills. So, if your insurance adjuster declares compensation that’s way below what you deserve, your lawyer will fight for it.
  • Use appropriate negotiation skills and strategies to get the best settlement from insurance adjusters. Therefore, aside from the compensations, you’ll get the best settlement you deserve.


That’s why you have to gear up yourself when you’re involved in a car accident. You can do this by calling your personal injury lawyer. They’ll help you acquire the necessary documents and file necessary claims.

More importantly, with their assistance, you only need to focus on resting while having the confidence of getting the compensation you deserve.

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