Can You Still Drift With Snow Tire Chains On

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09/30/201930th September, 2019
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It is always quite the thrill to play in the snow. Drifting in the snow is one example of fun activities you can engage in when winter comes. The rush that comes with it can be quite mind-blowing. Our question for the day is; whether you drift withtire chain .
Is it advisable? Well, let us take you through the answers on the sections below, handing you the dos and don’ts of drifting with snow chains on and any cautionary advice we might have.  

The Early Preparation

Failing to plan is planning to fail. As part of preparation before winter hits, you need to know your tire size so as to purchase the right set of chains. Sizing information is usually available on the tire’s sidewall. It is the first grouping of letters and numbers to the right of the brand. The information may be the first thing a sales representative asks for when placing your order. This question is all to avoid buying an oversized set of chains that may slip off or entangle while you drift, or an undersized one that does not even fit.

Have It Fit By an Expert

It never hurts to be safe. Have a mechanic hook up your set so that you can reduce the chances of making a mistake yourself, since it may be a new task for you. In any case, if you may find that you have to set them on yourself because you are driving into unexpected snowy conditions, or because local law enforcement requires you to do so, among other reasons. For such times, it is advisable to pack a shovel in the trunk so that you can dig around your tires, if necessary, during the installation process.

Ways to Set Up the Snow Chain for Drifting

You can apply a set to your car in two ways. One is by draping the set around each wheel then connecting each one at the bottom of the tire. This type of installation may require having a shovel around in case you are stuck in a lot of snow. You will also want a secure fit, and you can use an adjuster or tensioner for that. Use this technique on the side of the road, having a clear pavement from which to work, for best results.

Note that having emergency treads does not necessarily mean that you can drive fast. Chain manufacturers generally recommend that you do not go above 30 mph. Driving any faster runs a risk of damage to the tires or vehicle+. Going slow also gives you the benefit of more control in slick conditions. You can check your auto manufacturer’s guidelines, to see if two or just a single set is the best for your vehicle. Most manufacturers advice you apply the chains to the front wheels only. Other automakers allow for two sets, and this can help in adding braking power to the rear wheels.

The Drifting Games

These games began as a pastime on the streets. People would gather and derive pleasure in competing to see who executed the perfect drift. It was considered dangerous until it was officially converted into games, providing a thrilling yet safe form of entertainment.

This is not the only place you to carry out drifts, but it is the best environment for that. You would get a chance to see some of the most highly skilled drifters at work. You will understand how the distribution of the car weight and the separation of the torque determine the drift, as compared to reading about it. Most of the drift action happens on the front wheels. The primary technique employed is the combination of a brake and clutch use. To execute a drift, you have to drive at moderate speeds before the turn. Pull the emergency brake before the corner, making your rear wheels lose traction, making the vehicle slide.

By watching all sorts of drifters do their thing on the snow, you will get a better feel of the whole experience. Make sure to observe how they set up their chains, if any, and do not be nervous about any inquiries you may have.


We can conclude that it is possible to snowdrift with chains on your tires. However, in as much as you can do it to your heart’s content, caution should always be taken; if you think that you are not ready for the drift, then the best thing that you can do is to avoid it. Uncertainty or nervousness in such a situation can prove disastrous. Additionally, drifts should not be performed on residential roads. It may seem easy to maintain and control your car, but the hardest part has to be being in control when kids are on the path, playing about without a care in the world. Drive safe, drift even safer.

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