Car Tuning – Tools You Should Have In 2020

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6th January, 2020
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Here is our rundown on the must-have tools to wrench on your own car in 2020.

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Car tuning is obviously something that every driver has had on their mind at least once since buying their car. However, as you may know, tuning a car is not an easy thing to do. 

While you can toy with a car’s electric system and software, things get significantly difficult once you decide to modify the engine, gears, suspension, and so on. For the latter, you will also need the appropriate tools.

After all, you can’t turn a normal car into a drift or competitive vehicle with a simple screwdriver and some nuts and bolts – even if a lot of drivers wish they could do so. Therefore, in the following lines, we’ll introduce you to a couple of tools that you need for car tuning.

Impact Wrench

Most car mechanics and tuners keep an impact wrench close to them every time they work on their vehicles. On top of that, the majority mentioned that, if you want full efficiency and convenience, you should get a battery-powered impact wrench.

Such a wrench can be used to remove components from vehicles – damaged or in stable condition -, as well as for any other thing that requires more than just a bit of force.

Flex-Head Ratchet

Every flex-head ratchet comes with an ultra-thin head that allows you to access the tight spaces of your vehicle. With such a tool, you can spend all day on your back under the car or under the hood, without having to stop and look for more appropriate tools.

On top of that, the ratchet’s flex feature allows you to pivot the handle so that you get maximum leverage needed to loosen spark plugs and fasteners.

High-Torque Pneumatic Wrench

If you plan on building a drift car, then you will need such a wrench to replace or service your tires – thing that will happen a lot

A high-torque pneumatic wrench costs under $100 and can help you deal with rusted bolts without any issues. Moreover, such a wrench will not damage the bolts or any part of the tire, as the amount of reverse torque works in your favor and not against the vehicle.

Vacuum Pump

You’ll most likely need a vacuum pump to test your motors and sensors that are controlled by vacuum. A vacuum pump can also be used to find a leaking vacuum line or to bleed your brakes. 

In addition, such a tool can also be used to flush out power-steering fluids out of your tuned vehicle. 

Cleaning Tools

After you tune your car, you may want to avoid sending it to a car wash, mainly because you are the only one that knows what’s happening in it. Naturally, the car’s body has no issues with water, but the rest of the vehicle should be serviced and washed by you.

For instance, if you don’t want to damage the interior of your car using various cleaning liquids, you can rely on an upholstery steam cleaner – it gets rid of dirt and debris with minimal water use and it also does a great job at cleaning seats and vehicle carpets. 

Moreover, it has been shown that steam cleaning is good for both the interior and the exterior of vehicles.

The Bottom Line

If you think that you can handle car tuning with just the tools that you have, you’re not right. Yes, you may have a comprehensive wrench key and such, but sometimes those types of tools don’t compare with the high-power ones that tuning requires.

As such, you may have never thought of using a pneumatic wrench or a vacuum pump to properly take care of your car. 

Still, as you do more and more tuning, you’ll learn the specifics of every tool that you need for a better tuning experience!

author avatar Written by Joe Terrell founder, motoring journalist and all-round car enthusiast. Read more about Joe and the Drifted team on our about us page.

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