Car Window Tinting – Everything You Need To Know

We deep dive on car window tinting to explore the reasons behind it and help you decide if it right for you.

jdm car with tinted windows

We love cars. Okay, there I said it (sorry wife). Looking through endless aftermarket part websites, comparing all the features of your favourite modified example of your specific car on Instagram and Facebook so that you can make the perfect vision of your vehicle.

One small feature that is often overlooked with all the coilovers, exhausts and wheels is window tinting. A quality window tint film for cars can add a modern and distinctive touch to the exterior of your vehicle and at the same time offer privacy for your passengers.

Car Window Tint Is Much More Than a Film

Car window tinting makes your car look extra sharp, but the benefits do not stop there. Running a nicely tinted set of windows will help protect your interior from ageing and sun damage, help to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, add privacy and security to your pride and joy.

Tinting is more than just enhancing the look of your car. Here are a few other benefits:

Protect the car’s interior from UV rays: car window tints are able to block the ultraviolet rays from the sun that can pre-maturely fade the interior of a vehicle. Older dashboards, in particular, are vulnerable to heat cracking - go look at any 240sx S13 dashboard. It will also help prevent the heat from entering in a comfortable inner space of a car.

Protects your skin health: direct sun exposure while driving can create a less than ideal situation for your skin health, especially if you happen to live in a nice/hot climate. This can make commuting more experience.

Privacy: a car window tinting provides your car’s interior with a high level of privacy. It’s still not a great idea to leave anything valuable in your car but at least with tinted windows, you can keep nosey eyes out.

Security: Having an extra layer of adhesive material on your windows is going to really help the glass from shattering, for example in an attempted break-in, or a car impact.

Tint For The Right Reasons

So if you were on the fence about window tinting, now you have the facts to help you make that decision. One thing to take into account is that different countries and states have different rules for window tinting.

In some US states, window tinting is frowned upon as if a patrol trooper has pulled you over and is walking up to the vehicle, they may not be able to clearly see inside the vehicle.

So check your local legislation before you pull the trigger.

We hoped this helped you decide whether to opt-in for window tinting your ride.

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