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6 Bad Ass 240sx S13 Drift Builds on Drifted

Nissan 240sx S13 drift builds are some of the most successful drift platforms in the drifting world. Here are six of our favourite track ready examples. For… » Read more

7 Best AE86 Corolla drift builds to blow your mind

We pick the seven best AE86 Corolla drift builds to celebrate nearly three decades of the mighty Hachiroku on the drifting scene. The Toyota AE86 Corolla is… » Read more

9 Step SR20 Tuning Guide For Peak Performance

Follow our nine step SR20 tuning guide to achieve peak engine performance. Introduction Welcome to our SR20 tuning guide. This guide contains nine tuning tips that when… » Read more

Keiichi Tsuchiya Drifting Grandfather: From Hashiriya to Hero

The Drift King may be a retired from racing but we see no sign of Keiichi Tsuchiya stepping back from the international drifting scene that he created.… » Read more

7 Best drift cars for beginners

One of the most common questions that our friends ask us is ‘what are the best drift cars for beginners?’. With so many potential platforms to choose… » Read more

FEATURE: I’m new around here…

As part of our ongoing quest to absolutely smash 2015 out of the park we’re expanding the Drifted media team and adding some fresh blood. This year… » Read more

FEATURE: Aatomotion and the making of #JUDGEMENTDAY

To celebrate the launch of the Extreme Drift Allstars end of year video we sat down with Aatomotion’s Vince Knight to chat about the in’s and out’s… » Read more

FEATURE: Style is everything

In the number of years that I’ve been following the Maxxis Tyres British Drift Championship I’ve seen the series go from strength to strength – in organisation,… » Read more

FEATURE: What We Do – BDC Knockhill Circuit, Scotland

Over the years I’ve been shooting drifting I’ve attended over 35 competition events and I’ve recently started to feel like a bit of a autonomous machine in… » Read more

FEATURE: We Need To Talk About The Future Of Drifting

If you’re reading this, then the motorsport from Japan has probably had at least some sort of impact on your life. As when it comes to drifting,… » Read more

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