Contributor: Jordan Butters

Full Name: Jordan Butters

Age: 28

Country of Residence: UK

Nickname: Jord

Occupation: Sales Exec for a print & design company, Co-Editor and Art Director of

Weapons of choice: Canon 450D, Canon 50mm F1.8, Canon 70-200 f2.8L, Sigma 10-20mm. Soon to be Canon 5D MKII!

Car: Nissan Silvia PS13 Drift car – has been on a hiatus for almost 2 years now! I am daily-driver less at the moment after selling my FC3S.

Next car: E46 Touring for the daily or 350Z for a daily/drift car combo I really can’t decide.

How long have you been shooting drift?: I purchased my first SLR June 2009. I don’t really get a chance to ‘shoot’ much as you’ll usually find me judging or helping out at drift events in some other way.

What got you into it?: I started drifting back in 2003/2004 when I was introduced to it by now-Japspeed-driver Paul Smith. Messed around for a couple of years in my SW20 MR2 Turbo and later my S14 Silvia K’s, sold them and purchased my PS13 Silvia and competed in the BDC in 2008. Took that off the road at the end of the 2008 season and its been in hiding since, but it will make a return later this year/early next. Missed drifting too much and was asked to judge the 2009 BDC championship and again the 2010 championship. I try and fit in photography at events but its not easy! Started up early 2010 and this is quickly becoming my full time job!

Best drift event you’ve attended?: D1 Exhibition round at Silverstone in the UK in 2005 (?) – walking over the crest of a hill at Silverstone in the morning light to see a 6 car train smoking around Luffield consisting of all the great Japanese drivers. Still gives me goosebumps thinking about it! Since then I’d have to say I LOVE the BDC Team Events, chilled out weekends of fun and triple drifting.

Favourite drift car: Pro car: Ross Petty’s BOSO ‘Rossta’ S15, ‘Street’ car: Joel of C’s Garage’s super-low Onevia.

Favourite driver: Declan Munnelly from the BDC, awesome skills. Chris Forsberg in the US, super consistant.

Photographer/film maker you most aspire to: Lindbergh, Will Roegge, Brooksie, Larry Chen

Music: My iPod is SUCH a mixed bag its unreal. Mos Def’s Ecstatic album is on a lot recently.

Fave Film: Blow, Book of Eli, Donnie Brasco, Full Metal Jacket, Avatar.

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