Contributor: Sam (Mez) Meredith

Full Name – Sam Meredith

Age – 19

Country of Residence – Australia

Nickname – Mez

Occupation – “Freelance” Video Editor a.k.a unemployed until someone throws me some work ahha

Weapon of choice – Sony FX7/27″ iMac/Final Cut Pro/No lenses

Car – Ford Laser!

Next car – Toyota Trueno Hatch!

How long have you been shooting drift – Year and a half??

What got you into it – I have always loved imports since being a youngan and drifting comes second nature with imports. As for Filming?
My industrial design teacher was shit so moved classes and had the option of Film and Television or History… The rest is history *Ba Doom Tish*

Best drift event you’ve attended – Ebisu Drift Matsuri! There is nothing like it! As for on my home turf I would have to say World Time Attack (It had drifting there as well).

Favourite drift car – Ae86 or S14

Favourite driver – Daigo Saito is up there just for his dope style!

Photographer/film maker you most aspire to – I would be lying if I said I dont look up to the likes of Will Roegge, Joshua Herron and Clash Productions (Maybe not so recently??? But their old stuff definitely)
Those guys are constantly raising the bar.

Music – I love everything but I will always be black on the inside ahah. Anything from Wu- Tang, Big L etc. Do rock out to the likes of The Ramones and Rob Zombie as well.

Fave Film – I like the show Entourage!

Motto – WRECK ‘EM

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