Contributor: Stephen Brooks

Full Name: Stephen James Brooks

Age: tooooo old (39)

Country of Residence: UK

Nickname: Brooksie

Occupation: Production Manager – BBC Television

Weapons of choice: HDSLR’s and a variety of new and old skool glass

Car: I can’t admit to owning it man …

Next car: 370Z or a Sirocco R .. either will be dropped, probably on air.

How long have you been shooting drift?: 7 or so years

What got you into it?:

I was in Japan in 2003 and took a drive up the Hakone Skyline and witnessed it for the first time .. Been doing it ever since.

Best drift event you’ve attended?:

Too many to mention … I went to Odiaba D1GP round a couple of times and that was amazing .. the recent BDC Pro round at Silverstone was unbelievable

Favourite drift car:

Changes all the time .. currently loving Conrad Grunewalds Formula D Camaro (i know i’ll get flamed to death for that)

Favourite driver:

Love Danny Eyles’ in terms of complete and total aggression

Photographer/film maker you most aspire to: Michael Mann

Music: Hip Hop .. occasional bit of Dubstep

Fave Film: Heat .. Or anything by Michael Mann

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