Contributor: Will Epps

Full Name: Will Epps

Age: 19

Country of Residence: England

Nickname: Eppsy

Occupation: Service Engineer/Photographer

Weapon of choice: D300 and a few primes, 50 1.8, 85 1.8, 10.5 2.8 (Fisheye), 70-300VR

Car: (Cough) Peugeot 106

Next car: S13 200sx

How long have you been shooting drift: April 2010!

What got you into it:

A borderline unhealthy obsession with cars, mixed with the atmosphere and people at the events.

Best drift event you’ve attended: JDM/BDC Events are the shizz

Favourite drift car: PS13/Sileighty/FD3s

Favourite driver: One that has a laugh

Photographer/film maker you most aspire to: Linhbergh’s got skills to spare

Music: Everything: A7X to Logistics it’s all good.

Fave Film: 40 Year Old Virgin, Anchorman, Step Brothers… you get the vibe


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