Custom Ute Trays: When You Should Consider One

Paul Hadley
09/14/201814th September, 2018
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Utes are versatile and durable vehicles because they can be used for personal or commercial purposes or both! Unlike other kinds of vehicles, utes can offer more space and storage - thanks to its tray-back feature. With a ute, it’ll be easy for you to carry heavy loads of equipment or tools without sacrificing the comfort of anyone who’s seated inside. This means you’ll make fewer trips when transporting from one location to another, which can result in lesser costs and stress. And while utes are already very useful vehicles as it is, installing a custom ute tray can make your experience better. A custom ute tray is a simple upgrade which can even bring more value to your investment. Here’s when you should consider getting one:

  1. When you want to improve the storage capacity of the ute.

This is one of the most obvious benefits you can get from a custom ute tray. Because you can decide on the size of the ute tray to use, you can have it slightly larger than your ute. As a result, you’ll increase your vehicle’s storage space. With this amount of space, it’ll be easy and convenient for you to move around plants and furniture without causing any damage. You’ll have enough room so these items will be stored properly in the ute.

  1. When you want to better the functionality of the ute.

Generally, utes are useful vehicles which can provide a long list of benefits to its owners. However, there will be owners who would want more from their ute - and if you’re one of them, a custom ute tray can become your solution. If you believe there are lacking features of your ute, a custom ute tray can fill in those gaps. This can improve the benefits of your vehicle and eventually, your life as well. Just make sure that you’re working with professionals like Towers Engineering to discuss what features can be added or enhanced with a custom ute tray.

  1. When you want to have cabin choices.

Some people are not sold with the idea of buying and owning a ute. For them, utes are vehicles which can either compromise their space or interior comfort. With a custom ute tray, you don’t have to worry about any of these. You’ll have several options of designs and layouts for your custom ute tray. You can pick one which offers flexibility - so you can enjoy the interior and storage capacity of your ute at the same time.

  1. When you want to do more at work.

Different jobs require different tools. If you work in the construction industry, you’ll have to carry around a lot of equipment and tools every day. Leaving these anywhere can be risky as these can be susceptible to theft. If you want to save yourself from worrying about where your tools are or if these are locked safely, make use of lockable custom ute trays. You can also opt to add a tray storage compartment for your smaller tools. Having these features in your ute will give you peace of mind every day.

  1. When you want to be practical.

In relation to doing more in your field of work, a custom ute tray can also be considered as a practical solution. This is especially true if you’re working as a plumber, electrician or builder. Assess what the custom ute tray will be used for so you can narrow down your search on which design to use. This information will help you determine the best-suited custom ute tray for your needs and therefore, increasing its practicality.

  1. When you want to make a long-lasting investment.

A custom ute tray can come in different materials, the most durable being steel. Steel can last through decades of wear and tear, can be used in different types of industries and can complement various models of utes. It can also adapt to a lot of situations without compromising the security of your tools and the safety of your passengers. These are the reasons why a custom ute tray made of steel is an excellent investment which you should make as soon as possible!

  1. When you want to add value to your ute.

Adding a custom ute tray can add value to your vehicle and guarantees that this value is retained in the long run. In simpler sense, if you’re planning to sell your ute in the future, it’ll be easy for you to find a potential buyer once you have a custom ute tray. A custom ute tray will also help you ask for a higher price for your ute.

Make Your Investment Count

Buying a ute doesn’t come with a cheap price tag. Most often than not, you’d have to save for years just to afford one. If you already own a ute and you want to maximize the benefits it already provides, consider using a custom ute tray. This can make your ute look better while enabling you to do more things with your vehicle. You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy your ute in the best way possible with a custom ute tray!   

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