Deciding Between Junking And Fixing My Car

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10/30/201930th October, 2019
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Both junking and fixing a downed car comes with advantages and disadvantages. Is either option worth it? Read on.

Every year sees at least 12 million unusable cars get junked in scrap yards across the country. The owners of these cars get hundreds of dollars when scrapping them. You too could earn a lot of money by getting rid of your junk car. At the same time, though, you might be wondering, “Can’t I just fix the car and use it instead of disposing it into the junkyard?” It can be quite beneficial to fix your car and keep using it, but few damning setbacks come with it. Read the benefits and setbacks that come with each of the two options.


Why Your Car Would Be Better Off In The Junkyards?

Taking your vehicle to the junkyard is more beneficial than trying to fix it. Firstly, opting for the junkyard will earn you a significant amount of money on a car that has lost much of its trade-in value. Secondly, by disposing of, you’d have got someone to remove the car from your valuable property for you. Most junk car buyers don’t care whether the car is running or not, they will make the payments and happily tow it away for free. From that point onwards, you’ll have less to worry about in terms of “who the heck will get this clunker out of my garage!?” Thirdly, getting rid of your junk car is good for the environment - the guys in the junkyards will dismantle it and recycle everything worth reusing. So instead of letting your car end up in landfills and possibly leak some dangerous chemicals into the ground, give it to junk the car buyers and let their associated companies handle it in an environmentally friendly manner.

The benefits of selling your car to junk car buyers are inexhaustible. There aren’t many options out there that you can use to turn a piece of scrap into cash in an instant.

Why You Could Opt To Fix Your Car Instead?

The disadvantages of calling the junk car dealer aren’t many, but they’re worth considering.

The toughest part about junking the car is finding the correct buyer who is also willing to pay you for what the junk car is worth. And while the industry may be saturated with junk car buyers, finding a reputable firm that will provide excellent scrap services can be an uphill task. Finding someone to trust among the 8,000+ junkyards across the country isn’t easy either. To ensure you have a good experience when selling your junk car, consider dealing with an experienced junk car buyer who also offers competitive prices that come close to your car’s actual value.

What Are The Advantages Of Fixing Your Car?

“I’m fully aware of the benefits that come with junking my car, but this car means a lot to me, and I’m not willing to part ways with it. Wouldn’t it be better if I just fixed it? This looks like a question you would ask if you’re emotionally attached to your car, and that’s permissible, maybe it is was your first car! Fixing your junk car comes with several benefits, and you should consider them before junking it.

The first advantage of fixing your car rather than junking it is the benefit of not having to buy or lease another car. Fixing it adds few years on its lifespan, meaning you’ll have to delay the acquisition of another car. And if you’re one of those people who get great pleasure in working on downed cars, spending time on your car trying to fix it will keep you busy for some time. There is also that crop of individuals who takes immense pride in fixing cars that are no longer running. They love it when they get on rusty classic metal and give it the second chance. That’s fabulous!

What Are The Disadvantages Of Fixing The Car?

While fixing your old car and returning it on the road might be fun, it doesn’t mean you should wholeheartedly go that route. You’ll have to endure several setbacks in the process.

For beginners, fixing your downed car will cost a significant amount of money. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve hired a mechanic to repair for you or you’re doing it yourself, and you’ll definitely have to invest in new spare parts and even pay for the labor. And adding new spare parts doesn’t mean you’ve solved the problem, your car could break down again. Once a car hits a specific age, problems become inevitable. Worse yet, old vehicles still use outdated technologies and aren’t environmentally friendly like their more modern counterparts. So continuing to fix and use your junk car inflicts harm to the environment in terms of toxic emissions and fuel inefficiency.

The above setbacks outweigh the benefits of returning your car on the road. Think deeply about whether to fix your car or not to and make the right decision. If your car’s conditions aren’t terrible, then you should consider fixing it. Otherwise, it would be better to call the junk car dealers who will save you a lot of money in repairs and maintenance costs. You will at least squeeze a few hundred dollars from the junk car and save a lot of space in your garage at the same time.

Things To Do Before Junking Your Car

Start by ensuring that you’ve removed all your belongings from the car. Once the junk car dealers tow your car away, you won’t be able to recover anything. Secondly, make some minor cleanings on it even if it is rusty as hell’s wagon. A clean car could earn you a reasonable price because some buyers want to see a car in good condition or showing efforts of proper maintenance. Thirdly, ensure that the title of your vehicle is in order. The junk car buyer will not take without a title and whose ownership you can’t prove. Lastly, ensure that you’ve read and adhered to rules concerning the disposal of the VIN of your car.

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