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Paul Hadley
06/13/201913th June, 2019
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Who said learning can’t be fun? This driving quiz put together by Wise Driving challenges both new and existing drivers to re-evaluate their knowledge regarding safe stopping and stopping distances. It’s a great way to refresh your memory and re-learn some of the information from the theory test books you may have lost over the years.

It’s a simple quiz with straight-forward questions, similar to what you might encounter during a driving theory test. The range of questions aren’t limited to theory tests though, because this test encompasses so much more. You can find out if you’re a genius at working out braking distances or if you full understand how different driving conditions affect how quickly you can slow down to a halt.

Some samples questions you might encounter include but are not limited to how much does ice prolong stopping distances or which interior gadget/feature affects overall stopping distance the most. It’s a multiple choice quiz but you still need to focus because it’s mentally stimulating and it forces you to think. It really is a great way to test out your stopping distance knowledge and possibly even learn something for the very first time.

Become a safer and better driver

Experienced drivers know how to stop with calm and controlled braking. You’ll know what we mean if you’ve ever been in a car with a novice driver versus someone more experienced. Drivers who recently got their license are usually less precise when it comes to calculating stopping distance and their brake application is noticeably less smooth. As they say, everything takes a bit of practice and some experienced before you’re good at it.

Ace any theory test

If you’re studying to pass your theory driving test, this quiz will definitely come in handy. Calculating stopping distances makes you an all-around safer driver, especially in wet weather or less-than-ideal driving conditions. It’s not just important for your own safety, but for the safety of other road users.

It can actually save you money

If your car comes with a black box, the insurance provider will monitor how you behave on the road and how sharply you brake, and calculate your driving score based on that and a number of other factors. This, ultimately, determines how much you pay for car insurance.

You can share your results after you’re done and boast to all your friends about how knowledgeable you are when it comes to stopping distances!

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