Dodge ‘Ems: Avoiding The Road’s Non-Auto Obstacles

11/23/201823rd November, 2018
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When you’re first learning to drive a car, they don’t often give you the chance to experience all of the obstacles a road has to offer. Of course, this is because it would be very unsafe, and it is best to avoid stress when you’re going through something like this. This means that you have to learn it all for yourself. To help you out, this post will be exploring some of the non-auto obstacles you might face on modern roads, giving you some tips to avoid having issues with them.

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People make up for a huge amount of the challenges road users face. When your driving in an urban area, people will appear from nowhere, happily walking in front of your car to get where they need to go. If you hit someone, it can often be considered your fault, especially if other pedestrians vouch for them. Overcoming this is a challenge, with keeping yourself focused and alert one of the best ways to avoid hitting people while driving. This is crucial in busy cities.


As people become more aware of the environmental issues surrounding cars, bikes are becoming very popular. Unfortunately, though, bikes and cars don’t mix very well, with the former being very hard to see when you’re driving something big. Your mirrors are very useful when you’re worried about bikes. Cameras can also be used, though, protecting your blind spots from people who are taking risks. Having someone at your side while turning a corner can be very dangerous, and is something you can avoid with awareness.


As cities get larger, more and more animals are finding their way inside. This is making a threat which was once isolated to rural places something which far more people have to contend with. When you hit an animal, they won’t often die right away, and this can be a terrible ordeal to go through. This is another area which can only really be changed with awareness. Of course, though, some cars have automatic braking, and this can help to stop you from hitting animals which are large enough to be detected.

Other Transport

Finally, as the last area to consider, it’s time to think about skateboards, rollerblades, and all of the fancier fuelless transport methods being used today. Many of these vehicles have no place on the road, but people will still use them there. This is hard for a lot of road users to deal with, failing to take into account that it is easy to fall when using things like this.

People will often blame the driver for accidents like this, but you can find out more information about this around the web. You should always give those on this sort of transport a lot of space, making sure that they have room if they fall.

Hopefully, this post will give you a clear insight into the obstacles which you have to face on modern roads. A lot of people find this difficult, struggling to know what they should do when they are surrounded by everything other than cars.

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