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11/13/201913th November, 2019
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Have you ever wondered how fuel injection works in a modern engine? We take a deep dive on fuel squirters to find out how they tick.

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Fuel injectors make a significant contribution to a car’s performance. They are responsible for delivering fuel to the car’s engine. Most diesel engines use fuel injectors by design because they allow fuel to burn more efficiently. Petrol engines, on the other hand, can either use gasoline direct injection or indirect injection.

This post breaks down the subject of fuel injectors. We’ll be looking at how they work, why they are so crucial for the proper functioning of a car, and what would happen if your fuel injector failed.

How does fuel injector work?

A fuel injector is simply an electronically controlled valve, and it works by regulating the supply of high-pressure fuel to the engine. The injector can open and close multiple times a second. When the fuel injector is energized, its aperture opens, and fuel gushes out through a tiny nozzle into the intake valves.

The nozzle is tiny to force the fuel out in a mist-like state. This makes it more combustible, and that helps the engine run more efficiently.

The duration that the injector stays open is directly related to how much fuel it eventually supplies the engine. The car engine is, in turn, equipped with a variety of sensors that indirectly control how much fuel the injector supplies.

Fuel injectors in petrol engines

There was a time when carburetors were responsible for supplying petrol engines with fuel. While fuel injectors work by delivering high-pressure fuel to the engine through a small nozzle, carburetors rely on suction. The fuel introduced by the injector is atomized, making it easier to burn. But then, the suction function of the carburetor is powered by intake air.

Manufactures of petrol cars switched from carburetors to fuel injectors to comply with the strict emissions regulations that were passed by governments. Although many motorcycles still use carburetors in their engines, almost all high-performance automobiles use fuel injectors.

What would happen if the fuel injector was bad?

As you can see, your car can’t run without a fuel injector. Since it supplies the engine, there would be no combustion without it. If your car has a faulty injector, it can lead to a few engine problems.

For example, if your injector becomes dirty, its function will become impaired. This can affect the atomization and distribution of fuel, which then leads to several performance problems in your vehicle. You can find out how to test fuel injectors in this handy Wikihow article.

Dirty or worn-out injectors are quite easy to identify because they’ll cause an engine misfire. In severe cases, they can damage the engine and prevent it from functioning. However, you’ll observe the warning signs and have plenty of time to act before that happens.

If left unattended, a faulty injector can lead to detonation, in which gas remaining at the end of the fuel-burning cycle combusts spontaneously. This can cause an increase in pressure which can break engine parts.

The fuel injector is a pretty important part of your car’s performance, and it needs proper care. Eventually, the injector, like other car parts, will need to be replaced. In that case, you’ll need to visit Gold Farb INC for high-quality and durable car fuel injectors.

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