Get Ready For a Drift Day – 10 Must-Have Car Essentials

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03/08/20198th March, 2019
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Car enthusiasts always go the extra mile to increase the level of adrenaline pumping through their veins.

One of the most exciting boosters our there is definitely car drifting. It’s exciting, it’s noisy, and it makes you want more.

But before you hit the track, it’s important to get the basics of drifting. After you read this special guide, you will learn what car essentials are crucial for safe drifting, as well. That’s something we’re going to talk about in this article.

1) Buy a Set of Tyres

The pressure generated by the engine and the weight of the car takes its toll on the tyres. With each new drift, your tires wear off more and more.

Therefore, when you’re getting ready for a drifting day, it’s smart to get a spare set of tires.

Also, you’ll get more smoke and better feel if you drift your car with brand new tyres. Here you can take a look at some tips on the best drifting tyres.

Still, for drifting practice, it’s cheaper to buy second-hand tyres and use them to improve your skills.

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2) Pack a Toolbox

You can never tell when your tire will explode or your wheel will break.

Therefore, in addition to the regular car toolkit, make sure to put a torque wrench and anti-rust spray in your car.

That way, you’ll be able to replace the tire or any type of wheel.

To be prepared for even more possible problems, put a battery charger in your booth too.

3) Fasten The Wheel Bolts

Due to the weight that leans on the wheels in the bends, car drifters need to pay special attention to wheel bolts.

So, before each and every session, make sure to double-check all the nuts and bolts.

Repeat the routine between the sessions within a drifting day, as well as at the end of the day. That way you’ll ensure a high level of safety.

Finally, replace the nuts and bolts every now and then, even if they don’t seem outworn.

4) Replace The Oil

As you’re drifting your car, the quality and viscosity of motor oil keep rapidly dropping.

Because of that, you should replace the oil more often than on your regular car. Some drifters even recommend pouring new oil into your engine after every single drift day. Others replace it after several drifting sessions.

You should simply follow the oil gauge and check the oil physically. If it gets black and dirty, it’s time for a new dose of motor oil.

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5) Check All The Fluids

Apart from oil, you should check all the other fluids in your car before you hit the drifting track.

First and foremost, inspect the level of the radiator fluid, especially for hot summer drifts. The risk of overheating is much higher in drifting conditions, so leave nothing to chance.

Also, the transmission fluid is under a lot of pressure. Since the clutch and the gearshift are extremely important for a smooth drifting experience, check the transmission fluid regularly.

Finally, don’t miss to check the level of the brake oil before each and every session. If the brakes don’t function properly, there’s no proper drifting.

6) Get a New First Aid Kit

Having a first aid kit in your car is a must. However, if you’re an avid drifter, you should expand the basic kit with some additional features.

There are different types of first aid kits on the market. So, first you should check out what each of them contains and then you can opt for the best one for your drifting needs.

Our two cents: you can’t overdo with Band-Aid wraps in the first aid kit for car drifters.

7) Clean the Machine

The smoke and the dust coming from the tyres leave their traces on the car interior, as well.

If you go to your drifting sessions several times a month, it could cost you an arm and a leg to clean your car after each session. This is where Gtech discount codes could save you some money.

Apart from the interior, you should perform engine detailing from time to time, as well. If you don’t wash the engine for a long period of time, it will be difficult to clean the motor properly.

8) Pack An Axle Stand

Due to the high level of tyre traction, drivers sometimes need to change one or more tyres during one drifting day.

Although this group of adrenaline lovers likes to help their comrades, you’ll replace your tyre(s) more quickly if you have your own axle stand.

Therefore, always keep one stand in your car so that you can change the tyres and wheels as soon as possible.

9) Install a Go Pro Camera

If you want to analyse your performance after the session, installing a go pro camera on your car is a great thing to do.

For those who don’t want to buy the original item or can’t afford it, there are numerous go pro alternatives out there.

As for the installation, you can place it on the windshield, or on the door next to the passenger seat.  

10) Get Cable Ties

Having several cable ties in your drift car can save your day in many different ways. For instance, if your bumper falls off, which is a common drifting issue, you can attach it with a cable tie.

Also, cable ties can be used to fasten different accessories inside your car or in the boot.

Finally, you can use them to keep together the tires and wheels you replace during the race.


Car drifting is an exciting activity that requires a certain number of prep actions and items. Although car drifters are highly loyal to one another, it’s better to have your own equipment with you. This is even more important if you’re planning to take part in drifting competitions.

For all these reasons, print out this guide on must-have car essentials and pack every item for a successful and comfortable drifting day.

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