How to Drift A Car Like T-Pain

Joe Terrell
01/09/20209th January, 2020
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Want to drift a car like rapper T-Pain? Then you need our five minute drifting guide.

Driving a car is a part of everyday life for most people. Even if you think you have serious skills behind the wheel, there are certain driving tricks that only the best of the best have mastered.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to drift a car? Professional drivers on TV and movies make it look easy. Driving is a seriously cool move that many try yet few are able to nail.

This article takes a look at how to drift in a car like they do in movies such as The Fast and the Furious. Keep reading to discover insight into what it takes to elevate your driving skills to the next level.

Beginning the Drift

The process of completing a drift in your car is made up of four steps. The first step is called “Beginning the Drift”.

This step is relatively easy depending on the power that your car has under the hood. Drifting around a corner requires skill and touch, thus you need to approach the corner with some speed, then brake in order to transfer some of the weight to the front of the car.

When braking, the front of the car will lower while the rear rises. As the rear rises, the makes the rear end lighter, enabling it to drift outward with the transfer of weight.

Maintaining the Drift

In order to complete the corner, you’ll need to maintain the drift. This is the fun part, as your car slides sideways at an angle. The key here is to apply the perfect amount of throttle. Without enough throttle, the drift won’t be able to carry all the way through the corner and you’ll lose momentum.

It’s also crucial to not over throttle or the rear will swing out too far, causing the car to spin out. Producing the ideal amount of throttle is a skill that will take practice.

Transitioning the Drift

Next, you’ll need to transition the drift. This is the most challenging part of the move.

The transition requires a tremendous touch from the driver in order to bring the car around as you prepare to exit the maneuver. The key is how you grip the wheel and maintain full control of the car. After all, the wheel needs to be able to spin freely for a moment as they adjust to the angle of the turn.

Exiting the Drift

The final step in the process is to properly exit the drift. As with the transition, the exit is tricky. It’s all about maintaining the right speed and the proper angle so that the front end of the car exits the drift smoothly.

Keep in mind that if your speed or angle of exit is wrong, you’ll likely spin-out.

When things go wrong, a car accident doctor can help put things back together.

Tips for How to Drift a Car

Learning how to drift a car can be tough to master, yet it’s not impossible. Fortunately, the tips contained here can help.

If you’d like to learn more about drifting then check out our full how to drift guide.

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