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Many people decide to move away from a permanent home. The reason for resettlement may be different, but it is usually due to work, walking in the warm ends of the earth, but there may be a more extended vacation in sunny Florida.

No matter what the reason for your moving, you still need to do it and it makes a lot of stress.

Before you move to your new home, you need to finish many things like changing your documents, packing your items, and most often the worrying moment is how to ship a car across country.

There are two options to ship a car across country:

  • With shipping car company
  • Driving your car

Ship a car across country with a shipping company

It’s always a better idea to hire a company that will ship your car across a country instead of driving you long miles.

The main reason for hiring a shipping a car company is a cost-effectiveness. The price for shipping a car is from $ 600 to $ 1200 depending on the shipping distance.

Before hiring a company to ship a car across country, you need to know in which way you want to deliver it to you.

Yes, the employee in the company will tell you the transport options so that you can determine the price of the vehicle’s carriage, but why would not they be prepared before and be referred to the transport process.

Especially if you do not have the experience of shipping a car across a country, this post will guide you how cheaper and easier to ship your car across a country, and of course without stress.

Ways to transport a car across a country

The type of shipping a vehicle is one of the  things that determine it

the price of transport.

There are two different ways to ship a car across country: open auto transportation and enclosed auto transportation.

Open auto transportation

Open auto transportation is the cheapest way to ship a car across country. This is the most used mode of transportation for people in the US.

If you want to save money during the moving, this can be the best transportation way for your vehicle. Your car will be together with other cars in an open trailer. The negativity of this type of transport is that the vehicle is exposed to weather conditions during transportation.

bmw e36 crashed on trailer

Enclosed auto transportation

Enclosed auto transportation is the best way to ship a car across country if you have a new and expensive car, or you just want your car to get the safest possible transport.

The cars are in closed truck protected from weather conditions during the shipping. On this type of trucks does not fit a large number of cars inside, which is not the case with open auto transportation. It is a more expensive way to ship a car across country, but if you want the best safety for your car, then this might be the right type of transportation for you.

Which factors determine the price for a ship a car

Several factors determine the cost of a ship’s car across a country. Any company to choose, that is, on their website has a section where you can enter the data for them, and the transport and you will get a quote.

These are the most common factors that are determinate the price:

Car shipping distance

The carriage distance is one of the more critical factors in determining the price. The longer the distance, the higher the fuel cost, the time and the truck’s wear. However, companies with their calculation will tell you that if the distance is higher, the price can be reduced.

The length of the vehicle

Owners of larger-length vehicles will have to pay more to ship a car across country. Longer vehicles occupy more space in the truck, but also more time to fit in.

The Vehicle Height

Also, the height of the vehicle is important in determining the price. As for both the length and the height of the car, the same principles apply. If the vehicle is higher, and the price will be higher. From here, the price for the sedan and the SUV will not be the same.

The time of the year

If you want to pay less money to ship your car across a country, you have to choose the right season for it. Avoid high season that is summer. Typically, according to transport companies, people most often require transport of vehicles during the summer period, and prices due to high demand are higher. It would be best to ship a car across country in the autumn or spring.

Ship a car across country by driving

You can ship a car yourself by driving your vehicle, but whether it’s worthwhile if you take into account time lost in driving. If you have time to spend, perhaps that would be the best option for you.

But you still need to review all the factors. How much fuel will you dive, how much time you will lose by driving, and of course the danger of an accident is always present.

However, if you have two vehicles, then there’s a way to both ship them across a country, and that’s a trailer.

You can rent a trailer at any time and attach it to your vehicle and at the same time transport both cars to the new location.


If you want to reduce the stress due moving, it’s best to hire a company that will ship your car across a country.

Another advantage of transporting a car with a transport company is the costs. As I mentioned, if you calculate costs and lost time, you will see that transportation with a company is more cost-effective.

Fly by plane to the new home, and your car will arrive only a few days after you, which is excellent.

The only thing that can take your time is when choosing the right transportation company. However, each of them is trying to provide as excellent a better and safer service.

Sometimes the low price is not crucial. Sometimes maybe it is better to pay more, but in the right company that will surely provide the best service.

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