Is It Time For You To Invest In An Electric Car?

11/08/20188th November, 2018
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Is it time for you to invest in an electric car? Eight signs that you should take the plunge.

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Gone are days when conventional vehicles were our only option to move around. The ever-increasing levels of pollution are critical for the future of our eco-system, and it is high time that we find some practical ways to fight back. Electric vehicles appear to be the safest getaway from these drawbacks.

Adoption of electric cars is still at a very young stage, but we suggest that it is about time people start taking a plunge. It is an expectation that it will soon become a way of the future as many major brands have announced significant electrification plans for their latest models. The hesitation of the general public is mainly due to the myths clouding this segment, but they need to register the fact that much has changed since the first entry of EVs in the market.

At present, electric vehicles comprise only 1.74 per cent of the automotive market in the United States. However, expert predictions reveal that this figure is about to grow exponentially with the increasing awareness and plans of industrial giants. Electric vehicles have been in the market for quite a while now. They offer us a driving experience that conventional vehicles are unable to provide. Buying an electric car can, indeed, bring in plenty of benefits for the public. Be the first among your company to buy an electric car and let the herd come after you in times to come.

Here are eight reasons that will surely convince you to buy an electric vehicle right away:

Saves Money

The annual cost of running an electric vehicle is comparatively lower than the gas-powered vehicles. As prices of both types are almost the same, buying an electric vehicle is a much wiser choice. Electricity providers in developed countries offer rate plans that makes filling up electricity much cheaper than the gas.

On top of all that, electric vehicles also ask for low maintenance costs. Given that they do not have a gasoline engine, they do not require spark plugs or oil changes. Hence, there is no need for routine maintenance calls. These facts make the lives of owners quite easy, and they can go for years with zero service bills or repairs.

Creating a “breathable” space

The chief reason why manufacturers plan to make shifts is the rising level of pollution across the globe. Even though the electricity that is used to fuel electric vehicles arrive from the coal-contaminated grids, they do not give only negligible tailpipe emissions. And, as the wind/solar power replace the coal-fired electricity generation, the minimal emissions are also set to improve.

We can thereby look forward to cleaner air as the electric cars become mainstream. The reduction of gas emissions is our first step to the world that is free from global warming. Along the way, helping us out to reduce our carbon footprint.

Easy fill-up

You are no more dependant upon gas stations. If the vehicle needs a refuel, just plug-in to the charging station at the road or workplace. With transformations in power generation systems, it is to mark that electricity going into your batteries is now being produced through renewable sources. A simple solution is to install a solar power system at your home and commute as long as you like. So technically, you own a power station!

Electric cars are connected

Electric vehicles have an in-built telematic system that is easy to control through a remote Smartphone application. You can pre-cool your car, check out the charging status and many other things simply from within your home.

Similar safety tests

Another reason why we assert that EVs are a safe option is that they pass the same safety test as the conventional vehicles. It is a false assumption that they can easily catch fire and in fact, gas cars show a higher rate of catching fires as compared to the EVs. According to a study, the EVs are 80% less likely to catch fires than the gas-powered vehicles.

Accelerated depreciation benefit for the self-employed/businesses

In case, you get your EV on behalf of the company, and it gets registration on the company name then it will show 40% within the first year and also save on income tax. Whereas, the petrol and diesel cars can only give you a 15% depreciation.

Quiet inside and outside

Electric cars make very little noise, and it makes your journey even more pleasant.  The lack of cabin noise means that now you can enjoy your music more than ever or just a long drive on the highway brings pure bliss as you feel serene and peaceful. The silence often makes you wonder if it is “on” or not. Lack of noise means that now, we can look forward to a future where roads will be silent, noise pollutions goes down dramatically, and we will experience a calmer drive inside the city!

Wondering if now is the right time to make the switch to electric? Check out this informative article on electric vehicles vs fossil fuel vehicles.

 You enjoy privileges at some places

With the technology still in the young phase, there are some favors specific for electric vehicles. For example, at some places, the authorities allow special parking space for the EVs. These are near the entrance and more accommodating. Plus at times, you can often enjoy the ability to pass everyone in a high occupancy lane or also have free public charging at some stations.

The improved handling, responsiveness, and comfort are also some perks that you get with an electric vehicle. It won’t be incorrect to state that electric vehicles mark a new beginning of the automotive space. It is not too late; you need to get over the myths and make a shift right away. Sell off your current gas-powered vehicle and take a step ahead of the contemporary vehicle. For an easy shift, you can call services like we want any car where they offer you to sell your car and buy any vehicle that fits your needs.

Now that you know of all the advantages it will bring in for you, and the switching process is also really smooth. Why not start searching for an electric vehicle right away?

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