Lead Follow Up Techniques for Car Dealerships

Paul Hadley
06/24/201924th June, 2019
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A sale won’t sell itself! What good are internet leads if you’re not following up immediately, opening the lines of communication with your potential buyer?

Want to learn how to really drive a car sale home? Earn the best internet leads for car sales through these methods for following up.

Car sales leads for salesmen is much easier than you think!

Have a Good Response Rate

First thing is first: don’t be too selective about your leads! You should have a system that helps you collect information from potential buyers. Most dealerships have a professional response system that automatically responds to every car sales lead. It should also include people who’ve specifically looked at your listings.

You want a clear and quick response for online shoppers. Offer a type of shopper lease and different finance options for more than one car. The longer your shopper stays online, the more likely the automotive sales lead.

But make sure you’re responding within minutes and not hours! An online shopper who receives a response within 10 minutes is more likely to see the inventory. You want to contact leads immediately or at their earliest convenience.

Customize Your Responses

The more custom responses for your car sales leads, the better. It’s important to make potential customers feel important. Since buying a car can be such a big decision, keep their best interest in mind. Responses to internet leads should have:

  • The person’s name
  • The company/dealership name, logos, and taglines
  • A salesperson’s contact information
  • Follow-up steps or a call to action

There shouldn’t be any typos or inconsistencies in the message. And any irrelevant information can be distracting to the customer. Keep the call professional and remain courteous. You can add videos of the vehicle or of your showroom if you really want to stand out!

Avoid a generic, automatic response and be sure to really answer your customer’s questions. If you cannot customize your automatic emails, custom coding is fairly simple to learn! When a customer makes specific comments about their inquiry, you want to be capable of answering them.

Remain Proactive

A great portion of customers inquiring about a new vehicle is usually interested in a used one. But don’t lead them to one of your competitors! Keep automobile leads updated with your any of your current promotions. Don’t leave anything to chance — include offers that they could overlook on your website. 

Some things you can offer are:

  • New and used car options
  • Leasing options
  • Multiple trims
  • Any current promos or offers

Bottom Line on Internet Leads

With the use of technology, you can stay on top of potential internet leads easier than ever. You can allow customers to directly text your business too! Increasing your engagement is a sure way to increase your sales.

Remember to highlight any hot deals and move that inventory faster. Allow customers to schedule their own appointments through a chatbot. Uplevel your digital strategy as well as your follow-up strategy. Luckily, you’ve learned how to better seal the deal with potential customers with these basic tips!

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