Long, Tall & Fat Cars That Rank Among The Best In The World

09/23/201923rd September, 2019
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Now for something completely different; have you ever wondered which are the biggest cars in the world? We have, and here is our list.

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The most challenging task that one faces when making a list of the biggest cars in the world is to decide how to make a list all-inclusive. Perhaps the best way of doing it is to go by the types of cars like luxury vehicles, SUVs and vans.

Only if you can decide what constitutes the biggest cars that you can handle the task with ease and the most acceptable way of ascertaining, which are the biggest cars is to consider its dimensions or size.  But still, it is quite hard to establish, which is numero uno because there are wide variations in the engine, power, etc.

In this article, we will focus on street legal automobiles by considering cars currently under production, excluding industrial vehicles and other larger vehicles.  We will focus on passenger cars that every person across the world would be keen to drive.

The biggest car by length

The Mercedes Maybach S600 Pullman that became available from 2016 is still the longest car measuring 6.499 meters or 255.9 inches or 21.3 feet.  The large luxury vehicle is still the longest vehicle that meets the legal requirements of driving on the road and is huge.

The car beats its nearest rivals the long wheel-base S-class by four feet and is 16 inches longer than the extended wheel-base Rolls Royce Phantom. It is even longer than the last generation Pullman by 5.5 inches.

The vehicle height is 4 inches taller than an S-Class. The car has 4 seats in the rear compartment with two seats foldable and facing the rear, and a glass partition that operates electrically separates the front and rear compartment.

The widest and biggest car

The Italian supercar Lamborghini Aventador is the most comprehensive car on the road even though the 1954 model of Chrysler Crown Imperial was wider by 3 inches. The 2-seater Coupe has 2700 mm wheelbase, is 4.833 meters long and its width is 2273 mm.

It has a petrol engine of 6498 cc and the vehicle with automatic transmission can give a mileage ranging between 5 km to 7.69 km depending on the chosen model and the fuel type.

The vehicle exceeds the concept of performance and creates a new benchmark for super sports cars.

The biggest car that is also the tallest

The extended wheel-base Rolls Royce Phantom is by far the tallest car in its category touching a height of 1.61 meters or 64.6 inches. The super-heavy car is also among the heaviest vehicles produced today.

The full-sized luxury salon has unmatched luxurious elements that add an expansive elegance to the most modern and iconic vehicle that belongs to a class of its own.  It is the second car launched by Rolls Royce under BMW ownership and the eighth in among the Rolls Royce Phantom generation.

The only other car that is taller than the Rolls Royce Phantom Extended wheelbase is the Ford 60Hp manufactured in 1904. It is still the tallest car manufactured with a breathtaking height of 100.4 inches.

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