Make An Entrance: 5 Unique Transport Ideas For Your Wedding Day

Paul Hadley
11/06/20196th November, 2019
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Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life. It’s also a big day for your family and friends.

Over 2 million couples got married in the United States in 2018. Some of them chose a more traditional ceremony. But why choose something that everyone else has done?

Arriving at the ceremony (or leaving together after you’re married) in unusual wedding vehicles is a great way to make your wedding more spectacular.

Are you looking for unique transport ideas for your wedding? Read on for 5 amazing options!

1. Harley Davidson

Making an entrance is a key part of your wedding day. You want to wow your guests for a memorable day.

How about arriving at the church on the back of a Harley Davidson? It’ll certainly turn heads and offers some fantastic photo opportunities.

Just make sure you can keep your dress out of the way. If you’re not used to motorcycles, practice riding on one before the big day.

2. Venetian Gondola

You don’t only need to think about arriving in a vehicle. If you’re getting married near water, you can arrive in style in a boat!

If there’s a nearby jetty, why not hire a gondola to carry you to the venue?

They’re easier to get in and out of than a canoe. But a gondola is a more elegant choice than a speedboat.

3. Vintage Car

Vintage cars are a popular choice because they add a touch of class to your wedding. You can also choose a car that expresses your personality or even matches your wedding rings.

Mens wedding bands are easier to match to cars than those for women. So have fun choosing a car.

A Rolls-Royce screams glamor and also makes a brilliant ‘prop’ for wedding photos after the ceremony.

Or you could pick something more quirky and choose a vintage model of a less serious car. A VW Beetle makes a fun choice.

4. Horse-Drawn Carriage

An open-top carriage offers style alongside photo opportunities. It also gives you the chance to show off your dress to onlookers while you travel to the ceremony.

But if you’re worried about the weather, choose a closed carriage. You can indulge your inner Cinderella, and getting out of the carriage offers a ‘big reveal’ for your dress.

5. Stretch Limousine

The advantage of a stretch limo is that it can comfortably hold up to ten people. This lets you bring your wedding party with you, instead of making them ride behind.

You can also make your arrival at the ceremony become more relaxed by having a group with you.

Which Unique Transport Idea Do You Like?

Those are some of our favorite unique transport ideas for your wedding. Choose one that suits the overall aesthetic of your wedding.

Keep practicality in mind – like keeping your dress clean or staying out of bad weather. But have fun with it and you’ll have a wedding to remember for years to come!

Why not check out our range of cars if you prefer a more traditional choice?

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