New one here! Introducing myself.

Posted by Zach Meister on 15th June in Zach Meister.

Hey everyone!

First of all: I was approached by Jordan to be a contributor for, and I looked over the site, and couldn’t help but say yes! Thank you to all of the staff for welcoming me in!

Now, a little bit about me, my name is Zach Meister ( yes, that is my real last name, a lot of people don’t believe it, so I thought I’d just clear that up, haha. )

I’m born and raised in Southern California, currently living about 5 minutes from the famous “House Of Drift“, Irwindale Speedway. I can never get away from the great weather here!

Now, to tell you a little bit more about my past, I am a Nissan fan, born and raised ( My grandmother used to road race Datsun S30 Z’s, and that pretty much started my love for these cars. ) I have had a couple of aircooled VW Beetles, a Z32, S13, and now currently driving a S14.

I’ve shot events such as All Star Bash, 626 Drift events, Formula, and D1gp, and plan to shoot many more for 2010!

I’ll be here at covering all your Southern California Drift events, grassroots and pro, bringing you car shoots and team profiles of teams out here.

So thank you to the drifted team for bringing me under your wing!

Zach Meister

Written by Zach Meister


  • Will Epps

    Looking forward to seeing your posts man, just had a nosey through your flickr and I’m totally feeling your style… Bring on the magic!

  • Thanks! this web is going to be more good with you.

  • Jordan – I’ve sent them both thank you messages, they don’t know how much I appreciate it!

    Alex – Thanks for the welcome, and I must say, she’s pretty cool!

    Daniel – Thanks man!

  • Welcome onboard Zach! (Brilliant last name, btw)
    I’ve seen some of your shots before, and I am always amazed! Looking forward to seeing more from you and the lovely Southern Cali.

  • Welcome Zach, I’m really looking forward to your future coverage, and you clearly have the coolest Grandma on the planet.

  • Ian Gratton

    Welcome Zach!

    Looking forward to seeing your coverage šŸ™‚

  • Welcome on board Zach. You have to give thanks to Brian ‘ASB’ Harte and Teddy ‘Mulsanne’ Puthanhdanh too, when I asked both guy for a Socal based photographer they both gave me your name! Looking forward to seeing both your Willow Springs and Irwindale coverage this year.

  • Mason

    Epic, gonna have to change my homepage settings from SH to Drifted!

  • Congrats Zach!
    Looking forward to some awesome coverage.


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