Portable Fridges: A Camping Must-Have

Do you love road trips? Ever wondered which portable fridge is going to be right for you to keep you drinks cool on those hot days? This guide gives you the lowdown.

Camping is a way of life. It is a way of connecting with nature. After all, who doesn’t want to enjoy things outside the hustle and bustle of the city? Without a doubt, camping is fun, but it entails some challenges.

But gone are the days when campers struggle to have cold beers and store freshly caught fish. Thanks to the wonders of technology, portable freezers were invented.

A camping fridge is a portable cooling system designed to keep your food and drinks cold. It’s more expensive than a regular cooler, but it will keep your food and drinks cold for long without ice.

Traveling with a Camping Fridge

There are two types of camping fridges depending on their power source. One runs on batteries, while others draw power from your vehicle.

Getting one that uses batteries is the most energy efficient way of keeping your fridge running. This requires little maintenance as well.

However, if you want a bigger fridge, getting one that relies on a vehicle for power is better. You can expect this type to absorb various levels of energy though, depending on the brand, size, the temperature you choose, and if it automatically or manually defrosts.

Portable Fridge Sizes

The size of a portable fridge is measured in liters, but this is confusing when you are trying to figure out how much it can contain.

Here’s a quick size guide:

  • 25 L and under = 27 cans
    25-liter or smaller fridges are good for keeping small amounts of food & drinks. They are suitable for a one-day picnic or a short camping trip, and can store the daily needs of one person.
  • 35 L = 47 cans
    This size is designed to serve as a chest style portable fridge. It is suitable for camping that lasts for a week by one person, or 2 to 3 days by a couple.
  • 40 L = 60 cans
    This range is often called the standard size. It is suitable for a couple or family of 3 who wants to go camping over the weekend.
  • 50 L = 72 cans
    Leaning on the side with bigger capacity, this size is suitable for couples going on
    a week-long trip, or a family of 4 camping over the weekend.
  • 60 to 65 L = 106 cans
    This size is suitable for a family of 5 who’s camping for 2 to 3 days. It is also good for a 10-member group who wants to go camping overnight.
  • 80 L & up = 120 cans
    The biggest size range there is, this one is suitable for families or groups who want to go camping for a week or more.

The biggest benefit of buying a portable fridge is its added convenience.

At the end of the day, you’re purchasing it to meet a need — to store food & drinks, and make them easily accessible
while camping.

One brand with a great reputation is the Engel Fridge. It has been trusted by Australians for more than 50 years for its durability, performance, and longevity.

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