The Amazing Low Prices of Luxury Vehicles These Days

04/21/201921st April, 2019
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There used to be a major barrier to entry when it comes to luxury vehicles. There was an unspoken gap in both price and presence, and their sight used to make people automatically know you made a fine living and then some.

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Badges like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and Alpha Romeo used to send chills with their presence alone.

These days that gap isn’t so big, at least when we are talking about the money it takes to get into the vehicles.

Let’s dive into the shrinking gap between luxury cars and mainstream cars, and why it’s the consumer who wins in the end.

Cars Are Getting Safer

Cars are getting safer these days, and that goes for everyone. Since there is such a high safety standard, the quality of materials needed to make these cars is going up.

Nice materials mean that the standard cars are starting to look a bit more than standard, and their price tags are starting to reflect that in the marketplace.

There is such a wide variety of choice when it comes to the standard cars as well, with new trim levels showing up with new generations of the car. The only issue is that all the equipment starts to cost a lot, and so you have to stop and think about what you are paying for.

Since the cars have similar safety quality, is that Kia really worth $39,000 when you can get a 3 Series BMW starting at $40,000? It depends on what really matters to you as a driver.

If you want the gadgets, you might find the KIA to be the car for you, but most people who know cars would just snag the keys to the BMW.

Competitive Pricing Makes You Wonder

So, you want a vehicle that’s a nice crossover to drive to and from the shops while your drift car is resting at home in the garage?

Since you’re only doing short distance driving, you are looking for a nice leasing plan for a new car. So where do you turn? It’s really up to you, but I want to show you something crazy:

Go ahead and take a second to process that. It honestly shocked me. A Ford is more a month with fewer miles per year than a BMW. That means consumers really can afford to drive luxury cars.

When I first saw these numbers, I was honestly shocked.

Before I really sat down to look at the price points, I would have never guessed the numbers would have panned out like that. I would still assume that the BMW would cost more than the Ford based on the badge alone.

Call me old school, but there is something that is mind-blowing about the financial figures behind cars these days.

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Prestige Matters

Don’t get me wrong, I think that money spent on either option has the potential to bring great value and joy to a family, but if it were my money, I would pick the BMW for the prestige of the name.

There is a bit of a joy that comes to heart when you get to say, “I own a BMW.” It’s not always the same story when you talk about Ford.

I guess what I’m trying to say is there is still a prestige behind the names of the luxury brands. Though the cars themselves might not be quite as far ahead of the standard brands, they are still ahead.

The best part about the gap closing is the ability to see a real reason to buy the BMW over the Ford. We are in a time where this is a realistic venture for a person who wants a higher quality product.

Make Sure You Do Your Homework

There is a serious amount of market shrink happening when you look at the caps in quality, so it’s really important to do your homework these days. When it comes to buying or leasing a vehicle, you really need to find out the three things that matter most to you when it comes to vehicles.

It doesn’t matter what those three things are, but when you say price, quality, and longevity, the names aren’t exactly what they used to be.

Gone are the days of the obvious answers of Mazda, Honda, and Ford being there to fit those three qualities.

From my findings above and the outlook of the market ahead, you can expect these prices to be solid for a while.

Good luck with your next purchase!


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