The Practical Side Of Owning A Sports Car

Paul Hadley
01/06/20206th January, 2020
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Nothing quite compares to the feeling of freedom and power you experience when you sit behind the wheel of a powerful sports car, or the feeling of satisfaction you get after getting it ready for drifting. These alone are reason enough to purchase what will likely become the drive of your life but, before you do that, it’s also a good idea to consider the practical things that come with owning a sports car because sometimes there’s a big difference between dream and reality.

People develop strong relationships with their sports car and at one point they’ll even feel like it’s a part of their family. But, as is the case with all families, there will be bumps along the way, so here are the main challenges you should prepare for.

Yes, Owning A Sports Car Really Is Expensive

You probably didn’t embark on this journey thinking that a sports car is cheap, but did you consider all the running costs that come with it? Apart from the fact that you’ll have to finance it, there are additional costs as well. More specifically, we’re talking about:

  • Insurance: because sports cars are associated with higher accident risk, premiums are much higher compared with other categories of vehicles.
  • Gas: although lately brands such as Tesla and Ford have started to challenge the status quo and are designing powerful cars to be more fuel-efficient, it will probably take a few more years before conventional sports cars eat up less gas.
  • Maintenance: every car needs regular maintenance to deliver peak performance and sports cars are even needier, even if you’re careful not to damage it. When you own something like a Ferrari or Lamborghini, servicing and spare parts will cost you, so don’t forget to add those up to the initial cost.
  • Anti-theft systems: unfortunately, sports cars have the highest theft risk out of all vehicles, so even if you’ll only be keeping yours in your garage, it will still attract attention. An advanced anti-theft system is a must once you’ve invested in a sports car.

But, in spite of all these costs, sports cars have one big advantage compared to other vehicles: they hold and even increase their value, so that if at one point you want to sell it, you’ll get a good return on investment.

Sports Cars May Not Be Convenient For City Driving

If you plan on buying a sports car in addition to your family car, then this won’t affect you at all. However, if you sold your family car to finance a sports car, you may regret your decision. Sports cars are designed to be driven on the open road, where you can take advantage of all that horsepower and go for amazing drives. But as for driving around the city… you’ll find that sports cars have limited practicality. They’re not the best cars to drive your kids to school, shop for groceries, or go on a weekend getaway. Even parking can be a bit of a hassle while you drive it around in the city. The first impediments are obviously jams and congestions. Being stuck in traffic with a car that guzzles fuel isn’t very satisfying, nor does it make financial sense. Sports cars also tend to draw a lot of attention, so if you’re in a city with heavy traffic, such as Seattle, you’re better off investing in monthly parking Seattle services instead of leaving it on just any road, where it can have its battery stolen or be damaged by other vehicles trying to squeeze in. So, unless you’re single and you don’t have too many errands to run, it’s best to stick to your convenient city car and wait until you can afford two vehicles.

They’re Not The Most Private Vehicles

One of the many reasons why people want to get a sports car is just that: because it stands out from the crowd and puts them in the spotlight. That feeling is great, but, after a while, all the attention can get in the way of your privacy. Unless you live in a city where sports cars are commonplace, people will not only stare at you when you drive, but also try to get close when you’re parked. Some even go as far as to take selfies with the car and post it on social media, which can become a problem for your personal safety. Like we said before, sports cars have the highest theft rate, and it doesn’t help if others draw extra attention to it. Besides, there’s also the fact that sports cars can be police magnets, especially if they come in a bright color, such as red, yellow, or orange. It’s not fair, but the police often assume that people in sports cars drive above the speed limit, so you might be singled out from a pool of drivers. Plus, since sports cars get stolen the most, offices also make security checks just to be sure.

Is A Sports Car Right For Your Lifestyle?

There’s no denying that sports cars are major investments, so before you go ahead and buy your dream car, it’s a good idea to consider all its pros and cons, even if you have the budget for it. To make the most out of your purchase, you need to have the right lifestyle for it, or at least be aware of all the practical aspects of owning a luxury sports car. Like all things, there will be disadvantages, but if you love speed, drifts, exhilarating rides, and the taste of freedom, then you won’t regret your purchase.

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