Things To Consider When buying Private Plates

Paul Hadley
07/16/201916th July, 2019
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So you have decided to get private plates for your car but have a few doubts about the various aspects associated with it. Do not worry as we will let you in on the few things you must be aware of with regards to private plates.

The price can get really high:

It can almost come as a shock as to how exorbitant the prices can get when shopping for private plates. This is especially true if you are looking for a common name or a common term in your private plate. You could on the rare occasion get a good deal on the exact plates you are looking for but in most cases, you will end up spending more than you anticipated in the first place. You do need to be wise and flexible with your budget. Be ready to spend a bit more than you might have estimated but don’t go overboard just for the sake of getting the exact plates you want. Be flexible with your choice as well as two very similar plates can differ by many hundreds of pounds.

Be aware of the required paperwork:

As it is something related to the DVLA, there are some red tapes that you have to navigate around. It can be quite confusing as well and not following the proper route can lead to a lot of issues. The best way around this is by taking the help of a reputed service. They will let you know about the exact documents you will need and they will guide you through all the formalities associated with private plates. Choosing a nominee is another confusing aspect associated with private plates and is another thing that can be made easy by using a professional service.

‘Q’ plates are ineligible:

There are some cars that come with a Q registration number. If you happen to own such a vehicle then you cannot apply for private plates. The cars that have a ‘Q’ in their registration are unique and are used to set apart vehicles that are either kit cars made from many different parts from different cars or they could be a car that has been imported without sufficient paperwork because of which its correct age cannot be deduced. If you own such a car then you are stuck with the plates it already has.

You can gift private plates:

Are you on the lookout for that special gift for that someone special but do not want to go for the clichéd gift ideas then a private plate as a gift can be an awesome way to go about it. There is a provision of adding a nominee when purchasing a private plate. You can nominate that special person and they can then use the number on their car. Again, proper paperwork is very important and ensure that you go through the proper channels. It will come with an annual fee but it is a small price for a truly unique and memorable gift.

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