Top 15 Attractions And Things To Do In Dubai

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For visitors looking to spend their quality time during vacation or holidays, Dubai is one of the most preferred destinations. The city ranks high in the list of the must-visit destinations of the world. It is known that Dubai is essentially treasure trove for visitors, because it combines the charisma and olden times of the Arabian Desert through the polished amenities of a contemporary metropolis.

It is found that Dubai is ranked as the fourth place as most visited places all over the world. You can also purchase a car from here after you carry out Car Insurance Dubai Compare. The reason is you can easily make a decision after you make Car Insurance Dubai Compare. There are lots of attraction sites and things to do while you head on to Dubai. Lets have a look at them:

1) Burj Khalifa: The tallest building of the world

Dubai is characterised by the glitziest, largest malls on this land and it has the tallest building in the world - the Burj Khalifa. The tallest building is not just for the faint-hearted kind of people but the building is just well worth it. The reason it the corresponding views will simply blow your mind. In case you are a serious photographer, it is possible that you can carry a tripod with you in order to snap the infinite panoramas near the beach as well as over the town. You can reach there at sunset and enjoy the view.


2) Deira Souk: the biggest gold market all over the world

The city owns many souks (markets); however, Deira is regarded as one of the perfect destinations which every tourist wish to visit. Positioned near Dubai Creek, the place is known to be founded during the era of 1830s. The fact is that when you approach here, you will observe the ancient architecture fashion as well as the wooden based archways inside the market. The finest aspect and the sole purpose of any visitors whole trip here is perhaps to observe a range of gold depicted over the shop windows. It is also better to buy them with the smile on the face.

3) Dubai Miracle Garden: the biggest flower garden of the world

Even the common visitors could not hide the prickling sensation experienced inside their feet when having a visit to the Miracle Garden, located in Dubailand. The place is known to be one of the most visited one from tourist attractions. It is recommended to halt for a moment, have a profound breath and blow up with enthusiasm. This is the globes biggest flower garden that provides a visual delight to the peoples eye with approximately 109 million flowers to observe.

4) Global Village: All night show including food, entertainment, and shopping 

Recognized as one of most well-known tourist destinations of Dubai, Global Village is also known to be the finest place to enjoy with loved ones, family and friends. When the sun sets, you will observe that the whole village glows up in multi-coloured and pretty bulbs presenting an amazing ambience.

5) Dubai Opera: Enjoy the traditional and cheerful entertainment venue

The city has unlimited entertainment options and one of them is the famous tourist attraction i.e., the Dubai Opera, situated in downtown Dubai. In order to enjoy the nightlife in Dubai, Dubai Opera is known to be one of the best places to visit. You can get music entertainment wherein you can also get muse within their opera shows, comedy nights, ballet, concerts as well as the classical type of instrument plays.

6) Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve: Experience the Arabian Gazelle

Here, you can definitely find native species of different animals. You can observe some animal species such as mountain gazelles, sand gazelles, and Arabian oryx which are presented to tourists within this reserve. The place covers a land area of 225-sq-km and you can visit one of the four zones, through the assistance of tour operators or travel guides. The guides can also transport you by car or you can get your own car and visit there after doing Car Insurance Dubai Compare.

7) Ravi: One of the Dubai’s longest-serving restaurants

Recognized as a perfect place for curry fans and known to be one of the longest-serving type restaurants in Dubai, Ravi has its unique importance. The place is generally occupied with diners, belonging to different parts of the world.  Here you will not find wine lists, white tablecloths, or snooty waiters; you only get sincere Pakistani curry cooked by expert chef.

8) Jumeirah Beach : Enjoy Dubai marina and residence walk

Similar to a city inside a city, the area possesses a few high-class people enjoying at sociable bars, cafés, and few of the finest restaurants inside Dubai. In the daytime, you can observe lots of joggers enjoying the marina views as well as the view behind the famous hotel.  You can reach via car if you have Car Insurance Dubai Compare.

9) Bur Dubai Grand Mosque: Dubai’s architectural wonder

This architectural wonder is ranked under the eight largest mosques all over the world. At this place, the foremost function of the monument service of the earlier president of UAE named Sheikh Zayed was held.

10) iFly Dubai in Mirdif City Centre: Experience skydive indoors

If you wish to begin activities from a bit minor and less frightening, just visit iFly Dubai, located inside Mirdif City Centre. The place is known to be one of the biggest indoor quest destinations in the country.

11) The amusement park of Wild Wadi: Splash in the unique amusement

Situated inside Jumeirah, this impressive tourist place is usually occupied with vacationers. The finest aspect is every ride inside the park is prepared in a convenient manner for varied genre of people. You would be entirely exhausted as you reach the days end.

12) Dubai fountains: Serves eye-catching view

The Dubai fountains are located exterior to the Dubai Mall, and the place is enclosed by a vicious hub of hotels and restaurants presenting front row type of views. You can book to dine over the terrace and then observe these beautiful fountains. They operate on Thursday and Friday.

13) The Mall of the Emirates: Ski Dubai from here

Are you willing to visit the desert as well as willing to hit the ski slopes both in a single weekend? If yes, then you must not miss Ski Dubai, recognized as a large ski slope located inside the Mall of the Emirates.  At this place, a café-bar is located halfway over the ski slope inside the mountain flair.

14) Dubai Aquarium: The largest underwater aquatic zoo

The tourist attraction is known to be the biggest aquarium all over the world and also it consists of around 140 different varieties of marine species. Here, you can do some activities that can outfit vacation travellers or elders.

15) Alserkal Art District: A get-together place for artists as well as art lovers

For art enthusiasts and lovers, this is one of the finest places to visit while you visit Dubai. It is known as Alserkal Art District is turning out as a famous hub. You can visit many art galleries like the Green Art Gallery, Ayyam Gallery, and The Third Line.

The city will make your holidays wonderful. Dubai is renowned for the high-rising type of architectural wonders as well as it owns a wonderful collection of spas, restaurants, and resorts.

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