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07/23/201923rd July, 2019
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There is no denying that 2019 has been a great year for the sport thus far with the women’s world cup, Wimbledon and the cricket world cup all reaching there conclusion in the early part of this year, all eyes are not heavily focused on the world of motorsport and the ongoing racing season. As drivers from all over the world travel to compete to be the best of the best, the competition is well and truly heating in in 3 of the worlds most popular motorsports. 


When looking into sport and some of the world’s biggest motorsport events, there is no denying that NASCAR is by far one of the biggest. With a large following all over the world particularly in the United States, this is one of the many motorsports that has an international following. With over 1,500 events over the course of the year such as the Daytona 500, Indianapolis Brickyard 400 and the Coca-Cola 600.

In addition to the engagement that is seen in viewing numbers, you are also able to make the most of this engagement at the event. With tours of the garage and pits as well as meet and greet opportunities, you can get up close and personal with the drivers as well as get an autograph. This environment is not only fast-paced but the crashes than any other sport in the US. Although this is not serious most of the time, this helps to amp up the overall viewing experience as you route for your favourite drivers in the championship. 


Formula 1

Another motorsport that has a large international following is formula 1. This sport is the second most followed sport internationally, besides football and sees 21 Grand Prix’s take places between the months of March and December. 

As the season gets underway, there are a number of favourites that are set to win both the driver’s championship as well as the constructor’s championship. With 5 previous championship wins to his name as well as 73 victories overall in his career thus far, racing superstar Lewis Hamilton is the bookies favourite to win the championship this year, closely followed by Sebastian Vettel with a total of 4 championship wins. 

With a total of 10 out of 10 victories thus far for the Mercedes team, it is no surprise that they are currently 164 points clear at the top of the constructor’s championship at this early stage in the championship and they are showing no signs of slowing down. With the popularity of this sport evident in the viewing numbers as well as the attendees, there are a number of experiences and hospitality packages that allow you to experience the cars and the drivers first-hand. 

Moto GP

The final motorsport that has increased in popularity in recent years in Moto GP and the popularity of motorcycle riding. As the Moto GP season continues, the results table sees Marc Marquez 58 points clear at the top of the table with 185 points, followed behind by Andrea Dovizioso and Danilo Petrucci.

During the season thus far, Honda has seen unprecedented success in the form of Marc Marquez and his young talent at just 26, this talented young rider has seen a huge amount of success as teams such as Aprilla with their new teams and bikes are currently position 13 at this stage of the championship, however, this is not a cause for concern at this time as race fans are sure to see a change in the standings throughout the remainder of the season. 

Marquez has recently said that the Ducati team are no longer the ones to beat with the Yamaha team looking as strong contenders in the second championship. He added: “Ducati will come back and they will be very fast, but at the moment the riders to bear are both Yamahas, Vinales and Quartararo, I think they will be the fastest in the second part of the championship.” 

This is an interesting prediction from this younger rider as he has become favourite to win the championships in recent months in light of his recent successes. As the competition continues to heat up, all eyes are on this talented rider to see if he can complete the season with a landslide victory when up against other popular teams such as Yamaha and Ducati. 

With this in mind, motorsport and is following have continued to grow in recent years making it a billion-pound industry that is followed all around the world. Whether you are a fan that watches on TV or you are planning to attend either this season or the next, there is no denying that you are in for a treat. 

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