Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Car Safe

Paul Hadley
04/18/201918th April, 2019
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How safe is your car from long-handed people? How much do you spend keeping your car safe after investing in it by upgrading seats, tires, brakes, and its general appearance? Is insurance package enough? Well, as a matter of fact, cars are being stolen and from a statistic released in 2016, the number of cars stolen in the United States totalled to 760,000.

Of course, many car owners have a notion that installing anti-theft devices is costly. However, compared to the value of losing your entire car, it is worth having a device that will keep your car safe regardless of where it is. Don’t let your car be part of the statistics of the stolen cars this year through the following ways:

  • Mind about your parking area

We have heard cases of cars that were stolen at their parking lot. To avoid this happening to your car, it is advisable to park your car in a well-lit place which is secure. At your home, ensure you have a security camera that will beam the car and enable you to see any intruder coming into your compound. Whether around town or at home, avoid parking your car in a poorly lit and dark place.

  • Always lock your car

No matter how much you are in a hurry to catch up with an appointment or any important schedule, always ensure your car is locked. In addition, ensure all the windows are rolled up completely before leaving the car. Never leave the keys in the ignition while you are getting out. Also, never leave a spare key in the car.

  • Install a car tracker

Just as we have a spy phone app for millennial parents who want to keep an eye on their teens or business managers who want to look at their employees’ whereabouts, your car needs a tracker. A car with a GPS tracker can easily be identified even when it has been stolen. The tracker will also help you keep an eye on your car even when you are not near it just like a spy phone app does. You can also look at getting a head unit that supports Apple Car Play or Android Auto. This will instantly modernize an older car while also potentially making some security apps become available to you.

  • Have additional locks

Locking your windows and doors sometimes is not enough for a determined robber. However, having additional locks and having trackers could be your ultimate solution. In this case, you need to have additional locks like a steering wheel lock, pedal lock, and wheel lock. Well, these locks are not much costly but they last longer. And by the sight of them, no thief will even think of coming near your car.  

  • Disabling ignition

The best way to do this is by installing a kill switch. This will interrupt and disable your car from starting. It will disable the ignition system, fuel system, and other areas related to it. The kill switch can be disabled or enabled using a code, key, or maybe a switch. This can be an awesome feature to have in your car.


Now you don’t have any reason for letting your car be stolen while the above five ways are there. Just as a spouse or parents monitor their loved ones using the spy phone app; you can do the same for your awesome car. Just have a tracker.  

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