Torque Drift – What Happens When Drifters Make A Game

Grease Monkey Games have just announced their upcoming title Torque Drift, a triple-A quality drifting game for mobile platforms.

torque drift

In Torque Drift you’ll build your reputation from a grassroots driver to a drift pro competing on the global stage. Your exploits will earn you sponsors and parts, enabling you to heavily customize your car.

As you drift through the ranks you’ll encounter real-world drifting elements such as professional drivers and their teams, real tracks, real branded sponsors and real aftermarket parts.

In keeping with a realistic atmosphere, Torque Drift employs stunning graphics, real drifting physics and smoke effects that will have you smelling the rubber burn.

Don’t be too risky with your drifting, especially if you’re attached to your personalized car, as in keeping with its realistic approach Torque Drift even includes car panel damage.

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Torque Drift will provide drifters around the world a way to compete on their mobile devices through online tandem battles. When you’re ready to test your drifting skills against others, you’ll be matched up with players of a similar rank, in head-to-head battles.

Players will each lay down a lead run, then take on the track again in a chase run, which will pit them against their opponents lead run. At the end of both runs, each player will receive points based upon their drifting skills.

torque drift

In case you want to relive your reverse entries and close calls, Torque Drift also has a replay mode with multiple camera views and a slow-motion option. If players want to show their skills and compare with their friends, replay mode allows you to pick your favorite moments and share it on your social media accounts.

Torque Drift will be coming to mobile devices in 2018, to find out more visit the official site.

Key features

  • Key Features
  • Stunning Graphics
  • Real drifting physics
  • Realistic smoke effects
  • Real professional drifting teams, real branded sponsors, real aftermarket parts.
  • Full car tuning customization
  • Livery painting customization
  • Car panel damage
  • Online multiplayer tandem drifting
  • Replay mode with multiple camera angles, slow motion, and social media support.

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