Track Day Preparations: The Ultimate Checklist To Kick Your Fun Into Top Gear

09/09/20189th September, 2018
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Your first track day is an experience that you’ll never forget, which is why you should go the extra mile to make it a truly magical day.

There are many aspects to consider, especially if you’re a genuine petrolhead. Use this simple 10-point checklist to ensure you’ve covered all the bases. One of the best days of your life awaits.

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Find The Perfect Track

The country is blessed with a number of incredible tracks in a variety of states. You could book onto one of the rare days at a famous track. Or you may choose a less iconic, yet equally dramatic, alternative. May first-time track day drivers find the latter option to work wonders.

Either way, finding the perfect lap for your day of driving and drifting should be the first item on your agenda. When you get this element right, it establishes the perfect foundations for hours of fun. Whichever option you take, always look online for the best prices and deals. A cheaper track day will provide another reason to smile.

Find The Right Day

The harsh reality is that you cannot predict the weather with 100% accuracy. Still, you should analyse the fluctuating climate conditions throughout the year. After all, the impact that rain, sun, and weather conditions can have on the track and the driving experience is vast.

On a separate note, you’ll need to ensure that the day suits your schedule. This is especially true when travelling with a group of friends for a day on adrenaline behind the wheel. It may seem that you are taking the sense of organisation too far, but the rewards will make it worthwhile.

Go With The Right People

You may wish to enjoy your track day alone, or you may prefer to share the experience with friends. Either option is fine. When taking the latter option, though, it’s vital that you choose the right people. A bad selection could seriously harm your hopes of enjoyment.

Aside from building a party of people that can actually drive, you need to think about their personality. If they are too needy, it will take its toll on your day as you’ll never be able to fully focus on your activities. Conversely, with the right group, the track day is set to be one of the greatest experiences you’ve ever shared.

Become A Better Driver

Your license and daily driving experiences prove that you can handle a vehicle. However, driving around the city or on the freeway is far different to track driving. Therefore, particularly as a newbie, you may wish to invest in developing your skills behind the wheel.

Taking an advanced driving course will allow you to handle the track with greater authority. Not only will this boost your enjoyment as you complete those laps, but it’ll also make you safer. If nothing else, the courses are likely to take place on tracks. While it’s not the same as a track day, it removes some of the uncertainty.

Choose The Perfect Car

Track days are amazing for many reasons. Ultimately, though, they offer a chance to experience something that is out of the ordinary. The opportunity to choose a supercar or a motor that you’ve always wanted to drive is a truly incredible thing. Do not miss out.

While it can be tempting to drive your car around the track, this can limit the fun. Moreover, it may reduce your enjoyment behind the wheel in future daily activities. At least if you drive a different car, it feels like a unique experience. You’ll appreciate it for what it is before getting back to your normal endeavoyrs.

Check The Car Has The Right Features

The right model of car will provide the perfect starting point. Nonetheless, checking that the tyres are suited to your style of driving can be crucial too. In truth, the experts will know what they’re doing. Still, it’s always good to check these things and understand how it may impact your driving.

Talking to your instructor about the various features that the car offers will allow you to get more from the experience too. It may seem a little daunting first but limiting your enjoyment due to a fear of utilising the car to the max would be a huge shame. Do not let a sense of hesitation get the better of you.

Comfort behind the wheel is imperative in every driving experience. Still, it’s perhaps even more significant on a track day, which is why you must pay attention to the little issues. Start off by ensuring that the driving position and mirrors are suited for you.

Nonetheless, your comfort should go far beyond the simplicity of getting the car right. Even wearing the right outfit for the day will enhance the experience. The benefits of natural clothing can make a significant impact on your comfort, especially if you have sensitive skin. If the track day requires wearing a helmet, this needs to be comfortable too.

Eat Well

If you take even a brief look at professional motorsport drivers, you’ll see that nutrition plays a crucial role in their lifestyles. Not least on race day. While you may not be an expert, there’s no reason why you should overlook the importance of a healthy breakfast.

Moreover, you must stay hydrated. It will undoubtedly leave you feeling more alert and comfortable behind the wheel. Besides, you can enjoy a cheat meal and a few alcoholic drinks once the event has finished.

Sleep Well

On a similar note, it’s important that you get a good night’s rest before the track day. This can be a little challenging as the excitement of driving a few laps in your dream car will inevitably play on your mind. Still, this mustn’t stop you achieving success.

If you’re staying in a hotel close to the venue, avoid the temptation to have a big night out as you’ll feel worse for wear in the morning. If staying at home, turn your social media channels off for at least half an hour before sleeping. Seriously, you’ll thank yourself for it in the long run.

Enjoy It!

This might not be the final track day you’ll ever take, but it is one that you’ll remember forever. Relax and enjoy it. That’s the least you deserve!

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