What Are The Differences Between HID And LED Headlights For Your Car?

11/08/20188th November, 2018
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Even though halogen headlights have been the norm since the car was invented, they have been slowly replaced by HID headlights over the last two decades. In fact, even HID headlights are being replaced by LED headlights since the recent past.

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With the latest improvements in LED technology, they are becoming the new standard for headlights in the automobile industry. HID and LED headlights have their own advantages and disadvantages. That is why you should be careful when choosing the best headlight kit for your car. LED lights have many advantages over HID lights.

But they are more expensive than the latter. This article provides information on the differences between HID and LED headlights for your car.

HID Headlights

High-intensity discharge or HID headlights are also referred to as xenon lights. The chamber of the bulb contains xenon gas. In fact, there are two tungsten electrodes and an arc between these electrodes. Xenon lights are twice as efficient compared to halogen lights and provide a much brighter and whiter light compared to halogen bulbs.

That is why HIDs are best for places where high-powered lights are required such as car headlights. The headlights of the car play an important part in illuminating the road ahead at night. The efficiency and brightness of HID lights are the main reasons that they are preferred over halogen lights in your car.

These lights were first used in cars in the early 1990s. These lights are popular for their characteristics of a blue tinge – which gives HID lights the characteristic cool look. That is why HID lights are so popular among the vehicle owners today. If you want to replace your existing halogen headlights with an HID headlight, you should invest in an HID headlight conversion kit. The lifetime of an HID headlight is linked to the times the headlight is turned on and not the total running time of the headlight.

The average lifetime of an HID headlight is around 2500 hours of use – which is about three times more than the standard halogen headlight. That is why many car owners prefer to invest in this type of headlight compared to halogen headlights. In case you want to change your halogen headlights to HID lights, you should make sure to buy a quality HID headlight conversion kit on the market.

There are many HID headlight kits on the market. But all of them are not top-notch. That is why you should be doing the research properly when buying a high-quality HID headlight kit on the market. Buying an HID headlight conversion kit is a great investment for your vehicle in the long run.

LED Headlights

Light-emitting diode or LED headlights are some of the most popular car headlights on the market today. That is due to the many advantages of the headlights. LED lights don’t have a filament where the electricity passes through. Instead, LED lights transfer electricity through a semiconductor. In fact, the movement of electrons generates the light.

You can adjust the frequency of the emitted light by adjusting the material properties of the semiconductor. Thereby you are able to change the color of the light. Even though LED lights have been used for over a decade, it became popular as a headlight only within the past few years. That is due to the latest technology in the industry.

The compact nature of LED headlights and the lower power consumption make them some of the best headlights for your car. On the other hand, LED headlights generate minimal heat in producing the light. That is why they are so popular on the market today. You should invest in a LED light kit for your car in order to save money over time.

Lexus is considered the first car manufacturer to install LED headlights in their vehicles in 2006. But this was not a complete installation. In fact, Audi revealed full LED headlights in their V10 model. LED headlights come with many advantages over other headlights such as HID and halogen lights. That is why you should be investing in these headlights for your car without delay. Here are some of the top benefits of LED headlights for your car.

LED headlights will produce a much whiter and brighter light compared to traditional headlights. In fact, the amount of light you receive from a LED headlight is as much as twice the amount of light you receive from any other headlight on the market today. The increased lighting will allow you to see the road ahead very clearly.

These lights are much brighter than any other conventional headlights out there. That is why you should be investing in LED light kits for your car.

Another important advantage of LED headlights is it requires a lot less energy to be operated. That way you can save a lot of money over time. On the other hand, LED headlights to last much longer than all other traditional headlights on the market. LED headlights are expensive compared to the other headlights on the market. But they are cheaper in the long run due to the energy efficient and long-lasting benefits of the headlight.

On the other hand, increased safety is another advantage of installing LED headlights in your car or van. If you have an older car, you should consider installing a LED headlight conversion kit. You can find these kits in most automobile spare parts stores out there. The most important thing is to find the right conversion kit for your car. There are many cheap conversion kits on the market today.

That is why you should do your research before shopping for the best LED headlight conversion kits on the market. It will help you to invest your hard earned money in a high-quality LED headlight conversion kit on the market.

If you want to know the differences between HID and LED headlights for your car, you have come to the right place. LED headlights are more advantageous to your car in the long run. That is why you should invest in a high-quality LED conversion kit on the market.

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