Why Do You Need Quality Tyres In 2020?

Joe Terrell
01/20/202020th January, 2020
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With the new year upon us, we talk to Jessica from Dartford Tyres to understand why it is important for any car enthusiast to choose the right tyre for their car.

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Why is the regular quality check of vehicle tyres important?

Grabbing a bargain is a great feeling: saving money and ending up with the products that you want. But sometimes getting an overly cheap product is a false economy and opting for a more expensive but higher quality product is actually the most sensible way to go.

Good quality tyres, such as those sold by Dartford Tyres, are noticeable when you are driving. Driving on poor quality tyres can make your car react in a number of ways: it can seem less responsive than usual, feeling ‘slushy’ under your hands, or they can make the ride very bumpy and uncomfortable, not absorbing the bumps and rattling of the road as well as they should.

Cheaper tyres might seem to be all right at first, but they may degrade quickly, with the rubber rapidly losing condition, crumbling or becoming brittle.

This can cause the tyres to literally fall apart, shedding chunks of rubber as you drive down the road - although you will not be driving for long!

What Should You Look For?

Tyres are, loosely, divided into two types: premium and budget.

Premium tyres use the latest technology and are made from the newest materials. They will be used for vehicles whose reliability is paramount, and those who can afford the best quality in every part of life. Premium tyres are quieter, more efficient at stopping, and more durable than cheaper alternatives, and can represent a saving if you drive a lot in testing circumstances.

Budget tyres, as the name implies, are cheap and cheerful.

These basic tyres are made from cheaper materials, subject to less stringent testing, and are best kept for short trips or used by people who seldom drive, and then on safe roads in good weather.

Budget tyres can be a solution in the event of all of your tyres suffering damage, getting you back on the road while you place an order for premium tyres.

Whichever type of tyre you buy, make sure you keep an eye on the tread depth, watch the sidewall condition, looking for bulges, frays and other signs of damage, and carefully check over the contact surface at least once a month, depending on how often you drive.

Poor quality will quickly show through, and you may find that your too-good-to-be-true tyre bargain is not wonderful saving it seemed to represent. You can also buy quality tyres in Bexleyheath from Dartford Tyres Ltd.

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