Why You Need A Radar Detector For Your Car

Paul Hadley
08/06/20186th August, 2018
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No one likes commuting. You have to sit in your car, you have to navigate through lengthy traffic jams, you have to avoid other people driving poorly on the road and on top of all of this, you have to watch out for speed traps. Speed traps are areas setup trying to catch people speeding or people performing traffic violations. You know all too well that nervous feeling you get when a police cruiser pulls up behind you. Are they going to light me up? Am I going to get a ticket? When tickets can cost anywhere from $100 to $500, it’s easy to see why some people get panic attacks while driving.

Types of Speed Traps

Here are the various ways that law enforcement tries to catch you performing traffic violations, most commonly, speeding.

  • Stoplight cameras are one of the primary sources of tickets in the city. These are cameras that will automatically snap a picture of your vehicle if you’re going through a light too quickly and you’ll receive a ticket to your house.
  • Hand-held radar guns are commonly used by law enforcement officers on the highway to catch unsuspecting drivers of speeding.
  • Lines that are installed under the ground can also be used to determine how quick someone is going when they drive over the area and a camera or law enforcement officer will usually be nearby.

There are many different types of speed traps that police officers use to help catch unsuspecting motorists.

The Solution: A Radar Detector

Radar detectors have saved countless people from getting tickets. Radar detectors are small devices that are usually attached to your windshield or sit on the dashboard of your car. They typically plug into the cigarette lighter outlet or the USB port if your car has one.

Here’s how radar detector works: A radar detector is powered by your vehicle and only turned on when your vehicle is on. When you’re driving, the detector will continuously scan an area in close proximity to you. If it finds a speed trap, an audible noise and indicator will be displayed on the screen. This gives you a proper warning and alerts you of a nearby speed trap, so if you’re speeding or doing something illegal, you have plenty of time to slow down and adjust your driving.

Conclusion: You’ll Save Money

One of the worst fears on the road is getting pulled over and being given a citation. With a radar detector, you never have to worry about that again. You’ll be at peace of mind knowing that you’ll be alerted of speed traps or radars well ahead of time. Get a radar detector today and never worry about getting another ticket again.

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