Top 5 Drifting Videos: September

With an increasing number of great drifting videos hitting the internet we’ve decided to introduce a new feature to the site – our Top 5 drifting videos to land in our inbox each month! Anything goes here – it can be a top quality, big budget production created using the latest and greatest super slo-mo, multi-thousand pound/dollar cameras, or a humble mobile-phone clip that shows some epic driving!

Last month played host to some amazing clips, so picking just five wasn’t easy. Without any further ado, here’s our Top 5 drifting videos from the month of September…

5. The Ugly Duckling

An artistic short from Norbefilms – there’s a slightly unusual narrative involving two guys chatting about what sort of drift video to make, but see past this and there’s some nice drifting in a variety of scenarios, some cool shots and some great locations. Oh and a rather hot-looking MILF!

4. Street Drifting

Dan Buck Joyce makes a welcome return to filming drifting in this gritty skate-style street drifting video. Get wild.

3. “The Monkey Life” Trailer 2013

This teaser from those crazy Norwegian Driftmonkeys and ZERO Media contains Gatebil, a host of Formula Drift stars, a trip to Japan and a bit of David Attenborough thrown in for good measure – what’s not to like? We can’t wait for the full film!

2. Tuerck’d Wild In The UK: Smashing Missile Cars & Driftland Nirvana

Smashing out consistently great drift videos, Mr Ryan Tuerck and the crew at Network A’s round up of their trip to compete in the BDC and destroy missile cars at Scotland’s Driftland is well worth a watch. Living the good life…

1. Drift Allstars 2013 (Round 4: Lithuania) ELEMENT-D

Stunning visuals, great footage and some awesome drifting on a closed street circuit in the heart of Lithuania. The Aatomotion crew killed it with this one!

Is there a drift video that you think we need to see? Share it with us on our Facebook wall or via the hashtag #driftagram on Instagram!

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