EVENT: BDC Round 3 – And then came the rain…..

06/20/201020th June, 2010

Shane Lynch Boyzone

The British Drift Championship wrapped up Round 3 of the 2010 championship at Lydden Hill, Kent yesterday. To precede to Philip Mann’s full coverage here are a selection of shots I managed to squeeze in between judging. Above, Round 3 winner Shane Lynch gets covered in champagne by his fellow podium holders, Mark ‘Buff’ Luney (2nd) and Vince ‘Nootty’ Noott (3rd). More after the jump…

Vuvuzela Drifting

If the World Cup got vuvuzela, the BDC got vuvuzela. Drifted branded vuvuzela at that! Ant Cahill emptied his lungs here whilst BDC commentator Motty looked on.

Dan Bridle and Ross Ianson

These two guys were super keen on the day. Here they are heading for the queue to join the Drifted crew. But, we’re not hiring at the moment. I guess Ross on the left will have to stick with Speedhunters and Dan Bridle with Motormavens for the time being, sorry guys. Its all love though.

Stephen Brooks

Does this look like a man who has spent all day filming in the on/off rain? Drifted’s Stephen ‘SB’ Brooks takes a moment to gather his thoughts, and sanity in the Maxxis Tyres support truck.

Mark Buckle BDC

No, not a scout leader as the hat might imply, but BDC front man Mark ‘Sweeps’ Buckle. This has got to be the face of a man relieved that another successful British Drift Championship round is in the bag. The sun-hat and stunners were optimistic I think.

Driftworks Greg

Two sure signs that Protuner Greg Gush has had a good day. Destroyed fibreglass and worn Federal tyres.

Federal Protuner Greg Gush

And a third sign – the man himself looking tired but happy with the day. Greg takes no prisoners on track and drives his car to the absolute limit, and so was awarded the ‘Hard Charger’ award for Round 3.

Supra SATS Buff

A parting shot of Mark Luney’s 700hp Toyota Supra post event. Sadly Mark didn’t get to drive his final with Shane Lynch due to running out of time during the ‘5 minute rule’ when fixing a wheel/hub related failure.

Keep an eye out for Philip Mann’s full coverage and of course Stephen Brooks’ video soon!

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