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6th February, 2017 in Drifting Videos

We have two fresh car videos for you to enjoy today, both are shot and produced by the PRIME New York City car club. Hit play and enjoy..

I first saw this group of dedicated JDM car enthusiasts based in and around New York City from this great post on Speedhunters, when I dug a little deeper I discovered these two great videos, packed with JDM icons prowling the streets of NYC. Excellent photography, editing and a well matched soundtrack.


Immaculately built and prepared AE86’s, RX-7’s, NSX’s, EVO’s, GTR’s to but name a few. Do yourself a favour and hit play on this inspirational video. How does your local meet compare to this?

7’s Day Presented by PRIME

The mighty RX-7 was very well represented in this video of the first ever 7’s Day in NYC.

Once you have watched these for your next stop I recommend visiting Prime’s
, they are posting superb content every month and they are definitely worth checking out if you are a JDM fan.

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