SNAPSHOT: An Assault on Mind, Man and Machine

15th October, 2011 in Jordan Butters


I say it every year, but if there was only one drift event I could make it to each year, it would be the KD European DNYRace in Lousada, Portugal. For one weekend this sleepy Portuguese town is transformed into a drift nirvana and nothing prepares you for it.

Burnout Street

It’s an attack on your senses from the word go. It barrages your eyes, ears, nose and throat with a mix of roaring horsepower, tyre smoke, outstanding cars and pure driving passion. The Lousada event does not take it easy on anyone, spectator, media, driver or car.


Our coverage is coming soon from this year’s festival, hopefully I can convey at least an idea of what it was like to be there, enough to convince you to make the trip out next year. It really is that good.


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